I became interested in the Tarot in my late ‘forties and bought a Ride-Waite deck.  Unfortunately, it really didn’t resonate with me and I didn’t pursue my interest any further.

Then one day I was in Brisbane, Queensland,  when I came across a book remainder store and bought a book on the Tarot.  When I got home, I found its images were nothing like the Rider-Waite deck I’d bought in a fit of curiosity, so I put the book aside.

However, third time lucky.  In July 1996 I fell and broke my leg and ankle and, as I was living halfway up a mountain with my husband out at work from 6.30am to 5.30pm, I was immobilised and stuck on my own for hours on end. I started drawing mandalas and got more interested in the whole idea of symbols. I returned to the book I’d bought and discovered that it was about the Thoth Tarot deck. The explanations revolved around psychological, emotional and spiritual insights.  I was hooked.  When I was mobile again, I bought a Thoth Tarot deck and found that the images just spoke – and still speak – to me.

I have always worked with this deck because it gives me insights into each person I work with.  Even now new images and insights jump out at me when I do readings.

If you’re drawn to the Tarot, there’s a wealth of information around.  My only suggestion is to go through decks until you find one that really draws you and whose images talk to you.  There is no rush.  As is the way of the Universe, when the right time for the Tarot deck to be available for you , it’ll enter your life.

 There is a lot of mythology about the Tarot that is quite off the beaten track. No, you don’t need someone to give you a deck.  Sometimes it’s great – my daughter gave me a deck without a book that she found in an opportunity/charity/thrift shop.  The images fascinated me and a few months later I synchronicity led me to Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe deck. 

While I work with the Thoth Tarot in readings for others, I work with the Shining Tribe deck for myself. 

Yes, you can use the Tarot to  make predictions, and often make  quite accurate predictions.  To my mind, you could get a prediction come true but so what?  If it’s predicted you meet a policeman and you do, all it proves is that this prediction comes true.  What does this mean for yourself?  I’m far more interested in the Tarot as a journey into yourself, to discover what makes you tick, what you’ve taken on board during your life which may have enriched your experience but which may have led to roadblocks in your moving ahead in your life. The Tarot can help you unearth unacknowledged obstacles in your life path, give you insights into your journey, and help you develop spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It’s why I work with the Tarot and the person requiring a reading to illuminate who they are, where they’ve come from and where they can head.  The Tarot is not set in concrete.  You can listen to a reading and decide not to take action if you so choose.  Or you may listen and decide that you have new insights into moving ahead, into personal growth and how you live your life and decide to make changes to your life.  There is no right or wrong.  You need to listen to your intuition. Perhaps you’re not ready right now to make changes, but something of the Tarot reading remains with you which you act upon at a later stage. It is entirely in your hands.

Some people treat the Tarot as a joke or approach a reading with the intention of trying to outwit the Tarot reader in some way.  It’s a waste of your time and the reader’s time.  A Tarot reading reflects your intuitive response to questions about your life, it’s your energy which draws you to select particular cards, and you are the heart of the reading. Participate to the best of your ability and you’ll get a reading which can go into depth and enrich your understanding. 

I’d like to wind up with a note about positive and negative readings. My approach is that a reading’s aim is to uplift you, to give you a vision of how you can grow into the future.  A negative reading can drag people down and feed fears which is quite irresponsible. Remember – we who are Tarot readers give readings through our own personal experience of our life’s journey on earth, and it colours our readings.  It’s why each reader will give a different nuance to the same cards. So be judicious with the information you receive.  You should be able to walk away with a positive perspective and feeling uplifted. 

My only other advice is to go to the reader who really draws you.  I’ve had the best readings by wandering around psychic fairs or exhibitions, taking my time, and then sitting down with the reader who sparks an intuitive response from me.


8 thoughts on “Tarot

  1. Great post !
    Tarot is indeed so rich in imagery, and I have found (having read tarot since college) that I have gradually migrated towards oracle decks. Strolled away from the traditional Fool, Magician, etc.. toward animal spirits, faeries, and image decks without little white books, like the Soulcards.
    Mo! Your art would be great for this, just putting a bug in your ear- your paintings are fabulous and intuitive, it would be lovely to pull some of them out of a pile and interpret solely from the imagery ! Just’ sayin’ 😀


  2. It’s funny, I’ve got oracle decks and I leave Tarot alone for ages, but when I return to dealing with the whole pack, it’s like a sense of coming home. I’m really interested in your comment about my artwork, thanks for the nice words, but a friend of mine said something similar a while back and, when I was in the UK, I showed the artwork pics to someone who was studying Reiki with me and I was quite amazed what she saw in the images. So yes, I’m taking your idea on board and getting the artwork organised although I haven’t a clue how to go about getting them published. Something will turn up!


  3. well, i was going to just make one comment here but i see that (again) i seem to be posting under someone else’s details and will take this chance to alert you: the email address i see below this text box is correct, but the nickname and website address are not mine – though i AM a sag moon!

    this is the 1st place i have seen what i heard a long time ago: you are supposed to be GIVEN your tarot deck. for a long time, i thought, OK, i will just wait til the universe is ready. since then – and with no deck arriving lol – i am still ok with just waiting. i have always found them so entrancing; i can see so much, understand so much through the imagery but every time i want to play with them, they are taken away with the remark that ‘others’ energies will dirty them.’ i personally think this is silly hogwash. like the universe cant wash what ever might get on them??! like you can (unintentionally) imprison Energy with curiosity?!
    when one gets so lost in ritual, they forget the spirit of the work, they probably dont have a message for me…except to check my own false pride in case its popping up somewhere.
    anyway, its nice to hear it coming from an outside source: you can get your own tarot deck!


    1. I missed this comment entirely and it’s FOUR years ago! I think there are lot of weird and funny ideas out there in the world, and often from people who want to set themselves up as something special. In all esoteric work, it seems to me you need to trust your inner voice and do what seems right for you. I found the Thoth Tarot by change – so dance with whatever deck talks to you. I can’t work with many other decks, they leave me blank!


  4. You are really giving me some great ideas of things to do. Being disabled means I am limited as to what I KNOW I’M CAPABLE of doing. Is it difficult to learn how to do all of this???? I don’t give my self much credit for my level of intelligence. I have ADHD, so it makes everything more difficult for me, but once I get it, I can run with it, like nobody’s business. I’m just getting bored with the same ole day in and day out routine, nothing exciting……….I’ve been wanting to learn something new, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was, yet. I think I was led to your blog, today, for a reason. Let’s just see……………………ADHD makes me a learner, by doing. Me reading directions or just watching someone else, you would think I wasn’t even present. Just sayin…………Any more insight into this would be great, if you find you have a few extra minutes to spare. I’m very curious. I’m very interested. I’m ready…………. 🙂


    1. Tammy – I NEVER believed I could do creative stuff until I did the two-day workshop which opened me up to mandala work. From there I started working with symbols and that led me to Tarot. I think, if you’re interested in Tarot, do some searches on the internet and find out what draws your attention. That’s the way it works. Don’t have preconceptions, just have fun and see what deck really stands out for you. Read the symbols and listen to what you FEEL about a card, and then see how it all flows. I have found that the same card has different meaning for different people. I don’t do predictions, my aim is to help people find their spiritual pathway and live the life they’re meant to. Mind you, you can do readings and people ignore advice, so I’ve learned to live with that too. Can’t win ’em all and don’t take it personally!

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