As Above, So Below

Fire and Light

This is a digital reworking of a volcano to draw back the shutters of illusion and show that there is no separation between our world and the galaxy which holds us all in its energetic and spiritual embrace.

As Above – the stars filling our night skies.

As Below – the stars united with the fire of earth.

In the centre of the volcano is the portal through which starlight flows to integrate with life on this wonderful planet of ours.

We are one with the Universe, with Mother Earth and with the Light within each of us.








I created this with the “Mirror” gizmo in PicMonkey plus a few other adjustments.

When I’ve finished working with a piece of digital art, I sit and wait to hear the title, and for this it was “Benediction”, as if the stars and the waters of Planet Earth were combining to pour healing waters towards us as we struggle to cope with the challenging situations arising around the world at present.

The message from the water elementals is simply: “Be calm. Be confident. Be aware. Go with the Flow. Release. Forgive.”

Dance with StarSong!

Dance with Starsong

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey again, having read a couple of their blog posts on what’s available in their various gizmo offerings, where I found out how to illuminate fonts, as above. Great fun!

I used the phrase “Dance with StarSong” because I always remember the mystic and explorer, Laurence van der Post, writing about his experiences with the Kalahari Bushmen. He was out camping with them one night when they asked him if he could hear the stars singing. He replied in the negative, so they took him away from the camp into a silence space, then asked him again if he could hear star song. Again he said no, and their response was a shocked silence, then pity for him that he could not hear this wonderful music.

Well, I don’t know too many among us Westerners who can hear that song aloud, but I reckon we can hear it in our hearts and when we do, then we can dance with the song of the stars.

Have fun!



I created this from a photo I have of an ancient tree merged with an image of stars. It reflects the tree stretching its branches into the sky, communing with the stars and acting as a transformer to bring their energy and song to earth.

In creating this I was reminded of a workshop I went to at Mt Barney in the Scenic Rim of southern Queensland to learn how to see auras.  I never actually got to see a human aura but I did have the awesome opportunity to sit among the majestic trees on the farm where the workshop was held, see the auras of trees and then see the huge energy projections into the sky. Absolutely awesome!

Art for Sale: Singing the Stars to Earth

Singing the Stars to  Earth
Acrylic art with feathers, glitter, small rose quartz chips, Swarovski crystals. 19.5″ x 23.5″ x 0.5″ (49.5cm x 59cm x 2.5cm).

I created this piece of acrylic artwork when I lived in Australia and it’s always seemed a bit dull to me, so I returned to it today to add more life.

I think, metaphorically speaking, it also represents me returning to life and the magick, sparkles and glitter of the wonderful Planet  Earth on which we live.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts for ages, depressed, tired and lethargic. Last summer’s heat here in North Cyprus (40C most days through late July- early September) really did a number on me; I’ve had a few kidney infections; a lousy bout of the ‘flu which lasted about 5-6 weeks in early January, plus a stomach bug.

I’ve come to realise that one thing which really kicks me in the gut and starts off kidney trouble is animal abuse and cruelty which turns up out of the blue in Facebook posts as well as the terrible images of refugees and asylum seekers seeking shelter and safety. I have taken steps to minimise this as much as possible for self-preservation and my physical health.

I can tend to be a serious person, and god knows there’s plenty of suffering in the world to take very seriously. But today I realised I’d lost touch with the fact that there are stars in the sky, there are star songs which surround us at unknown levels, there is so much love around, so many people doing good deeds and spreading kindness, lovely art, good people, laughter, joy and happiness if you care to be open to it, and suddenly I felt the power of magic in my life again.

So to return to my original artwork, I’ve added colour at the centre to represent the power of a strong, loving heart, feathers in two corners to represent the flight of hope, Swarovski flatback crystals for the magick in our lives, tiny rose quartz chips in two corners to represent loving kindness, and of course glitter abounds to represent the stars, the starstuff within us and the power within all of us to sing the stars to earth.

Magick, glitter and the song of the stars rule!

(Artwork price: US$75; postage US$25)