Paradise Circus


I created the above image then, for the life of me, couldn’t decide what suited the artwork. Then I remembered Massive Attack (I love at 69 saying my favourite musicĀ  is trip-hop, sounds so trendy!) and my favourite track, Paradise Circus.

We came across this band when we were living in Australia and used to watch a weekend music programme which included all sorts of tracks. We listened to one with Liz Fraser, who looked small and a bit drab, then nearly fell of our chairs when her beautiful voice started pouring out magical, angelic music. Paradise Circus works with various women singers and I understand that Liz Fraser is now more reclusive and doesn’t perform in public very often nowadays.

Paradise Circus was the theme music of the BBC series with Idris Elba, Luther. And THEN I came across another Massive Attack track, Teardrop, with Liz Fraser, who – as I said above – really has the most sublime voice, so I’ve also included that.