Rage for the Light!

RAGE FOR THE LIGHT Dreams of Orstraya Outback And towns like Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, where once gold fever ran molten along the streets and where now the gold Super Pit operates 24 hours a day coughing up the ore of dreams, lost hopes and nightmares. Where men are men, and women are skimpy barmaids, topless … More Rage for the Light!


The image above is of waterfalls, relating to emotions, and the galaxy, relating to the galactic web which unites us all in the bright songlines of shared, common humanity. This post arose from seeing a photo of golliwog biscuits claiming it was okay to like this image, and bugger being political correct. But it’s not … More Courtesy

You’re the Voice!

I was reminded of the issue of free speech when I did my previous post about Paul Robeson, the great American singer, actor, footballer, activist for civil rights, working people, black people and what I would call an all-round Renaissance man. But he was black, faced endemic racism in the US and he crossed the … More You’re the Voice!


This is to honour the nine people who lost their lives in the shootings at at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. We all have a choice: * to stand up and be counted against racist hate; * to voice our opposition to racist hate; * to have the guts to take … More Redemption

Ethics & Integrity

I created the above piece of art to show how dark it can be sometimes when you’re sorting out matters of ethics and integrity. The yellow flashes show us a path guided by Divinity and our own intuition, the darkness relates to the fears we sometimes face in making difficult decisions, while the red network … More Ethics & Integrity