I was playing around today with a photo of painted rocks taken by Tammy Vitale in the US, then added an eagle flying. I decided to all it “Creativity” to reflect the joy  we feel when creativity carries us along on the great winds of inspiration. Then I started playing with overlays in piZap, liked … More Creativity

Terra d’Amour

I’ve been playing around with a photo I found on the internet of the earth surrounded by clouds. I fiddled with the Mirror gizmo, found under the “Effects” section of PicMonkey, then worked on that image with gizmos on Photoshop where you can move colours around. I quite like this final image – of the … More Terra d’Amour

Spider & Rose

No, this is not some movie or song or whatever: I was taking photos of the Apothecary’s Rose in the front garden, which is the rose of the title of this post. The rose fascinates me as it’s such an ancient heritage rose from the Turkish region with a huge centre. So I poked open … More Spider & Rose

The Moon, The Moon!

Years ago I read a great book by Dean Koontz called “Strangers” which I found incredibly uplifting, given that some of his horror books are so over-the-top they make my stomach churn. I remember reading one of his stories once while eating breakfast while my husband was working away from home and it was so … More The Moon, The Moon!