Nature Magick

I’ve been taking part in the Art Every Day November challenge run by Leah Piken Kolidas, and this is my final image.

I revisited a photo I took of a nature park when I used to live in Bowraville, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. The park was established by an Aboriginal Elder and it was quite other-worldly when you walked into it from the road. All the traffic faded away, there were no sounds, and you could feel the nature spirits around you. It was incredibly peaceful and I wanted to try and capture the other-worldly feel of it. A really magickal place!

Paradise Parks (AEDN20)

Paradise Parks

This digital art is composed of layers of photographs I took of two parks. The base layer is the entrance to the Nature Park at Bowraville where I used to live on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Over that is another photograph further into the park. It was established by an Aboriginal elder and when you walked in, it felt like entering paradise – a quiet, peaceful piece of nature where the outside world was cut off. Over those two I added another photograph of a more open park where I took the picture then found a spirit nature image hovering in front of a palm tree. Plain as a pikestaff – well, almost since it was a misty circle, certainly not from any of the sun’s rays. I felt the two went together.

I wondered about the spirit energy as this little town was where three Aboriginal children were murdered 20 years ago, no-one did anything as they were black, the town was very racist and the perpetrator, who is known, is still at large. I have mentioned previously that the three children came to me in a very clear dream, along with Aboriginal elders in spirit, to ask for my continuing help, so I always mention Bowraville and its events from time to time, to keep the memory and knowledge of these murders alive. Looking back, I wonder whether this mist was connected to the three children too, as they are not at rest.

LIGHT ON LOVE: Art Every Day Month November 5

I’ve been intending to work for some time with a photo I took of a beautiful little nature park I visited quite often when I lived in

Light on Love
Light on Love

Bowraville, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

I was able to get a good photo of the park with the sun shining in, like a light-bringer, because the darkness behind this lovely little park is that three Aboriginal children were murdered in the village twenty years ago and no-one has been brought to justice for these crimes.

The Aboriginal children and Elders visited me in a dream one night while I was living at Bowraville, I have no idea why but I do know they still seek justice, and their memory is imprinted in my heart.

Their spirits are unquiet, and their families are still trying to get some action from the European court system. It’s been a long haul but the families have never lost their love for their children and the search for justice continues.

So this photo is a tribute to the memories of the three children, Evelyn Greenup, Colleen Walker and Clinton Speedy-Duroux, and to the love of their families in whose memories they remain.

It is a hope that one day justice will prevail and their murderer sent to prison for his crimes (yes, his, the whole community knows who the murderer is).

This photo is composed of the photo of the nature park, created by an Aboriginal Elder of the area, superimposed with a photo of a Lithium Quartz in my crystal collection – lithium being an element of peace.

Here are the two original photos I used to produce the composite:

Sun shining in Nature Park

Lithium Quartz
Lithium Quartz