From Here to Eternity

I created this image from a photo of the Standing Stones of Callenish. This stone circle really calls to my heart and this image represents the timelessness of universal energy, the messages of truth which call to us at the spiritual level even more strongly these days, with the cracks representing the openings to alternative … More From Here to Eternity

Magic Cove (AEDMN9)

I’ve been revisiting photos I’ve taken in Australia, the UK and North Cyprus: I just scroll through the photos and wait until one shines a light at me. This one was taken on our holiday in the UK in 2012, near Rosehearty, North-East Scotland, where our daughter lives.  She’s the harbour master and we are … More Magic Cove (AEDMN9)


The image above is taken from a photo sent to me by a good friend of a road in Ireland known as The Dark Hedges. It’s actually a compelling and beautiful avenue of beech trees planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century. The trees have grown over towards each other to provide an … More MagicLand