New Jewellery Creations

Been fiddling with some jewellery. My daughter in Rosehearty, N-E Scotland, gave me the dreamcatcher earrings in 1994 when we had a holiday in the UK. I bought the feather earrings a while back from Dawn Buyukertas who sells a wide range of crystal and other jewellery here in North Cyprus. But the feathers were too light to hang properly, so I added them to the dreamcatcher earrings along with some other beads.

The quartz pendant I created from a freebie small clear quartz point sent to me with my last crystal order. It’s small but it jumped in my hand when I held it, so I’ve added a silver wire holder and three Swarovski-type crystals for the crown, throat and heart chakras. My experience has been that you don’t need a large crystal for energy, any size crystal is fine as long as you’re drawn to it and it resonates for you.


Jewellery Fun & Games (aedm24)

jewellery-repairsWe had a rather prolonged power cut on 24th November, so I decided to take advantage of an internet-free few hours and repair some jewellery. The red pendant and earrings needed some new small stones so I added Swarovski flat-back crystals and rose quartz chips.

As for the other two, we went back to the UK in 1994 for a holiday after my husband’s father died and while visiting our daughter in north-east Scotland we came across a gorgeous little craft shop tucked away in the back streets of Fraserburgh. I bought two brooches because I liked the Celtic designs but have never worn them much as I’m not into brooches. So today I cut off the clips and added a hanger on each with silver wire so that I can wear them as pendants. Very satisfying, wish I’d thought of this before!I

Bling & Glitter (AEDM6)

jewellery-boards-1On the theme of doing something different as part of Art Every Day Month in November, today I’m posting a photo of my jewellery – earrings, pendants and necklaces.

Most are crystals, since I work so closely with rocks and stones, and I tell myself I’ve got enough. But then my friend, who runs a market stall selling crystal jewellery, trots off to Istanbul regularly to top up her stock, and brings back lovely new bling at very reasonable prices, as crystals are cheap in Turkey, and I get tempted all over again!

Kyanite Necklace For Sale


Kyanite necklaceKyanite focal bead

 Necklace, one-off created by Yours Truly, has large, freeform kyanite focal bead (1.5″ x 1.25″ x 0.5″;  4 cms x 2.5cms x  2 cms) with blue coral beads; clear quartz balls; rutilated quartz chips; blue lace agate chips; rose quartz chips; clear quartz chips; amazonite balls; fluorite cubes. Safety catch.

People ask me what a crystal necklace like this means and I usually respond that you need to tune in and see/feel/hear what a crystal has to tell you. In general terms (and this is my feeling, you may sense something different, this necklace facilitates the clear flow of creativity within you, aligned with love, gentle communication and truth-telling.

Price: US$40.

Post & Packaging: US$4.00.

Registered post: US7.00

Payment: PayPal.

If you wish to purchase this necklace, pls message me via this WordPress blog, with your PayPal address and I’ll invoice you by return.

Crystal Capers

On Thursday I went to a crystal shop in south Nicosia with a friend, intent on getting a Carnelian stone but, as everyone knows, who comes out of a crystal shop with only one stone? Certainly not me. So I ended up with a Carnelian stone and a number of pendants – Tree of Life; Tourmaline; Druzy Chalcedony, and a pendant and earring set which I call my Crone’s Stone. The stone is likely artificial but has lovely, rainbow colours in it and I consider it my Crone’s power stone as I pick up so much powerful energising vibrations from it.  I’ve also included a photo of a piece of Obsidian from the Cappadoccia region of Turkey, which is an ancient trading centre with obsidian being an expensive commodity.

Crone Stone - close-up
My Crone’s Stone pendant
Crone Stone
Crone’s Stone pendant with matching earrings
Black Tourmaline pendant
Black Tourmaline pendant
Carnelian Pendant
Obsidian from Cappadoccia
Obsidian from Cappadoccia
Druzy Chalcedony
Druzy Chalcedony pendant – angel or butterfly
Tree of Life with Carnelian, Garnet, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, Sodalite, Peridot
Tree of Life with Carnelian, Garnet, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, Sodalite, Peridot


Signature necklace.jpg

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia yesterday and am still quite lethargic today, very frustrating because it seems to come out of the blue. So instead of art, today I’m posting a photo of a signature necklace I made for myself yesterday.

I went back to bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon, went out like a light,  and dreamed I was buying a bling-type signature necklace. Forgot it for a while then remembered it late afternoon so decided to create my own signature necklace – I knew from the image I recalled from the dream that it needed to hang down over my sacral chakra. I’ve used a gold pendant which I usually wear on a choker. Then I fished out a turquoise centre piece from an old necklace I’d taken apart and used a small chain of pearls to hang the gold pendant from it. Then I hung on each side pendants created by the wonderful artist, Tammy Vitale. Then put wire through two large beads to attach the pendant to a chain. Yeah, baby, I can out-bling anyone!


Yesterday I went to the Lambousa Market, a large weekly market near to where we live, to pick up a silver bracelet I’d ordered from a friend who sells lovely jewellery.  I’d originally chosen a bracelet with peacocks engraved in it, but when I got there I decided to switch to one engraved with turtles.  It “felt” better when I put it on, and I liked the idea of it being representative of Mother Earth.

I stooged around the various stalls, then – to my delight – came across one with guy who selling beautiful silver jewellery direct to the public. He used to have a shop but found more customers at markets without the overheads of a shop. He really did have some great jewellery but I was immediately attracted to a huge bling ring of silver with a deep blue zircon stone, small stones in red and blue inset around the centre stone, and a very interesting pattern engraved on the back.

I tried it on – lovely.  Dithered, but then decided that it really called me, and it was at a reduced price. It feels like a Seer Stone. I didn’t have all the money with me, so left a deposit. But in an act which really shows the generosity of people in North Cyprus, the very kind jewellery seller told me to take the ring with me and pay the balance next week.

I’ve had this happen before – I bought a lovely piece of amber-coloured calcite at the same markets, the lady didn’t have change, so told me to keep the rock and pay her the following week.  Often if we don’t have the right change in shops, the shop owner will tell us to pay the balance next time we come in. And while we’re talking of honesty, cafes leave out their tables and chairs because they’ll be there the next day, no-one will pinch them overnight. And you can leave your car windows open at night with the keys in the ignition, and it will be there the next day.

So here below are photos of my bling ring and my bling bracelet!

Bling Ring Bling Ring Back Bling Ring 1


Bling Bracelet 1 Bling Bracelet