Spring is Sprung

Here’s a little ditty for Spring: Spring is sprung The grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies iz! I wandered around our garden and parking area today and got the following photos, showing that Spring is popping its lovely head up as it’s now quite mild here in North Cyprus, thank goodness.

Gardens of Light

When I finished this image, I felt it reminded me of the energies you can feel in gardens and also, if you look slightly aside from individual plants and trees, you can see the light field around them.

Funky Freesias

Along the same lines of the roses, here are photos of our spring freesias which have made a brilliant show this year. They are just now dying back.

Expanding Gardens!

We have a smallish patio area, with narrow flower beds around and a few squares for roses, trees and bushes. It’s the sort of garden popular in North Cyprus which is hot and dry in summer, gets some rainfall in winter but is generally short on water. So lawns are a no-no because they are … More Expanding Gardens!

Spring is Sprung

Here’s a collage of flowers from our garden this spring – much as I’d like to take credit, my husband is the one with green fingers not me. I look at flowers and they turn up their toes. Bryan looks at flowers and they bow and scrape to him! I’m also reminded of a little … More Spring is Sprung