Angel Aura Healing

I had a lovely dream last night (since the Full Moon on 31st January I seem to be dreaming big-time although I don’t always remember the dreams).

In the dream, I half opened my eyes to see that angels, fairies and spirit energies were floating through my aura and healing it.  It was a very gentle energy but not very clear as I got the feeling I wasn’t supposed to see the Grace of the healing underway, just to “know” that it had been happening. I also felt I was supposed to let others know that this sort of healing went on at unknown levels.

It felt really wonderful as if I was floating in a sea of healing lights and beings, as if I were in a magical space, and I felt amazingly relaxed when I half woke up and remembered the dream. And ended up having a great night’s sleep without a great deal of the sciatic pain which often keeps me awake. I could definitely handle more of these dreams!


Dances with Elementals

Dances with Elements

I’ve been reading a really interesting book called “Summer with the Leprechauns” by Talis Helliwell and was inspired to create this piece of digital art. When I look at certain scenes, it’s as if the elemental beings present talk to me at an unseen level and that’s what happened when I was creating “Dances with Elementals”.

I’m sure for many the jury is out as to whether elementals exist or not. But I remember my husband telling me that his workmate used to work in South Africa and one day came home to the work camp to find another worker packed with his suitcase waiting to leave. When he was asked why he was leaving, he said he’d heard the banshee and knew one of his family has died. Sure as eggs, as he was waiting the telegram arrived to tell him of the loss of a family member.

Just as a bit of light relief, an Irish crane driver started on my husband’s building site in Perth, Western Australia, and had just climbed up to his cabin when a hideous cackling broke out. The driver shot out of his cabin and down the ladder like greased lightning. When he got to the bottom he was yelling that a banshee was about.  The other workers took great delight in telling him to look up, see the bird perched on his cabin and be informed that the yelling was the kookaburra laughing its head off. Just like the workers when they saw the embarrassment on the crane driver’s face!

Dances with Fae

Earth Magic

I created this from some photos of leaves and blossoms I’ve taken over the past year or so and just felt it reminded me of  the faery-kind dancing with delight in the early world at our feet – dances which go un-noticed by human beings. So if you’re of the mind, kick up your heels and imagine you’re dancing along with the fae and their gleeful delight in all things earthly.

The Fairy Playground

I wasn’t going to post today as it’s Christmas Day but, what the heck, I love playing with digital art so off I went again this afternoon, scouring my images for something to work with. I finally ended up picking a photo of a big grove of bamboo which I digitally altered with a Topaz plug-in on Photoshop, then switched back to PicMonkey.  I then added an overlay of a piece of digital art I’d created from a photo I took of the last pomegranates of the season lying on the ground. Somehow this all reminded me of a Fairy Playground as I could clearly see shadowy figures as Ii was working on this art. And here it is: The Fairy Playground.

the Fairy Playground
The Fairy Playground