Earth Healing – Sanctuary Mandala

I keep my clear quartz crystals on the round table on the small verandah beside my workroom.  I don’t have space for these crystals indoors, and it’s good for them to be in the fresh air while knowing the sunlight energises them and they can’t fade.

I re-arranged them recently and felt drawn to add in the various stones and pebbles I’ve collected over the years. They have just as much energy as clear quartz crystals, albeit it in slightly different form.

I decided this mandala was for earth healing – specifically here in North Cyprus. There’s a history of conflict in this island due to its strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean, and much blood has been shed on the soil of Cyprus, as recently as 1974.

So I trust in some way this formation of clear quartz crystals and stones seeps into the soil of Cyprus and works a healing of the many conflicts that have occurred on this island over many, many centuries.




This is a crystal mandala for steadfastness.

The central stone is raw selenite fossicked in the Gibson desert, Australia,for emotional support and release of negative emotions. On it are three fluorite octagons for clarity of purpose. At top is a statue of the Buddha to encourage wisdom in all dealing. A large kyanite blade from the Hart Ranges in the Northern Territory, Australia, is top left for wisdom to flow through all my energy centres. A figure representing the Hermit in the Tarot, inner wisdom, is top right. Moving from right to left, is a Messina Ajoite in Quartz rock for sourcing to earth energy;  then a Rose Quartz rock to remind myself to be kind to me; a Labradorite sphere for truth in communication;  an elestial Amethyst point also from the Hart Ranges for spiritual support;  a Ruby in Zoisite sphere for energy; a raw Lavender Rose quartz Rock for emotional sustenance; and an amethyst for spiritual support. Connecting these are raw fluorite chips to encourage mind/body/spirit connection. In the centre, around the selenite is a ruby sphere to prevent my energy being drained;  a girasol sphere to support justice in my current situation, two prophecy stones to see the essence of the  situation I’m dealing with involving difficult people;  and a piece or raw copper to sustain my energies. Scattered among the stones are purple flatback crystals for lightness of heart, soul and spirit.

I did create an earlier version of this but it felt too heavy and unfocused. So I removed some stones and ended up with this final version.