Spring Visitor

My husband just  happened to be out in our garden when a spring visitor arrived on the paddock adjoining our apartment: a heron. It was attracted by the small pools which have formed since trees and bushes were planted next door and watering began.  We didn’t notice the two wading birds until we downloaded the … More Spring Visitor

Global HeartLove

I took a bit of a break after the Art Every Day in November challenge, which became slightly longer than I’d intended as I experienced a debilitating bout of sciatica out of the blue.  Luckily it’s cleared up pretty much, and also fairly quickly which is something to celebrate as I was pretty much crippled … More Global HeartLove

Sandstorm Scenes

You may have read about the huge sandstorm which engulfed the Middle East last week, including Cyprus.  Here are some of the photos I took and others on the internet of the sandstorm from the air and also in Jeddah. In places the approaching sandstorm looked apocalyptic, almost like an air-borne tsunami. Here the dust … More Sandstorm Scenes

Carob Memories

I created this from a photo I took of an abandoned carob store. The building was further along the coast, to the west from where we live in Alsancak, just outside the historic port of Kyrenia, in North Cyprus.  The light in the bottom window represents the wealth that people in Cyprus enjoyed from the … More Carob Memories

Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa is an ancient, historical site about five minutes from where we live on the north coast of North Cyprus. It was once an important, bustling sea port but declined in importance as people moved in land for protection against various sea-born attacks from the various countries surrounding Cyprus. There you can find rock tombs … More Lambousa Spirits

Yemaya Songlines

I worked yesterday on a piece of art I created in Australia – Yemaya Dreaming. Yemaya is the Great Goddess of the oceans and I imagined synchronising her energies with that of the Rainbow Serpent which is an integral part of Aboriginal Dreaming – the way in which the country of Australia came into being. … More Yemaya Songlines