Earth Healing – Sanctuary Mandala

I keep my clear quartz crystals on the round table on the small verandah beside my workroom.  I don’t have space for these crystals indoors, and it’s good for them to be in the fresh air while knowing the sunlight energises them and they can’t fade.

I re-arranged them recently and felt drawn to add in the various stones and pebbles I’ve collected over the years. They have just as much energy as clear quartz crystals, albeit it in slightly different form.

I decided this mandala was for earth healing – specifically here in North Cyprus. There’s a history of conflict in this island due to its strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean, and much blood has been shed on the soil of Cyprus, as recently as 1974.

So I trust in some way this formation of clear quartz crystals and stones seeps into the soil of Cyprus and works a healing of the many conflicts that have occurred on this island over many, many centuries.


Spring Visitor

My husband just  happened to be out in our garden when a spring visitor arrived on the paddock adjoining our apartment: a heron. It was attracted by the small pools which have formed since trees and bushes were planted next door and watering began.  We didn’t notice the two wading birds until we downloaded the photos, not sure what they are but they could be little stints from photos I found on Google.

Heron 1 Heron 2 Heron 4 Heron 5 Heron

Global HeartLove

Global HeartLove

I took a bit of a break after the Art Every Day in November challenge, which became slightly longer than I’d intended as I experienced a debilitating bout of sciatica out of the blue.  Luckily it’s cleared up pretty much, and also fairly quickly which is something to celebrate as I was pretty much crippled on Saturday.

Now to this piece of digital art.

Sometimes I have an idea in mind when I start creating digital art but in this instance I just followed instinct and intuition.  I started off with a photo of a glacier I found on the web. Then superimposed a photo I took of the Roman fish ponds at Lambousa, an ancient port about five minutes from where I live in Alsancak, on the north coast of North Cyprus.

I worked on this combined image with the gizmos on Pixlr and ended up with this image. The fish ponds with the Mediterranean in the background represent our link with history and the continuing evolution of Planet Earth. The Moon represents our emotional attachment to nature and life on earth. The black streaks on the right-hand corner represent the disruptive actions of huge corporations intent on short-term profit rather than the long-term global health of our planet.

The glacier represents the challenges of global warming, the lights rising represent the love in the hearts of people taking action to support measures to alleviate global warming, while the circle in the middle represents the global web of light which  connects us all here on Mother Earth and throughout the galaxy.

And “Love” in the bottom left-hand corner stands, of course, for the love so many of have for our wonderful planet.

Sandstorm Scenes

You may have read about the huge sandstorm which engulfed the Middle East last week, including Cyprus.  Here are some of the photos I took and others on the internet of the sandstorm from the air and also in Jeddah. In places the approaching sandstorm looked apocalyptic, almost like an air-borne tsunami. Here the dust storm arrived mid-afternoon – suddenly a haze appeared, the sun disappeared and the dust storm hung over everything, it was very eerie.

Dust cloud 8th Sept 2015
Dust cloud over the adjoining paddock and Merit Park Hotel
Dust cloud - sun through the haze
Sunset through the haze
Dust cloud 2 8th Sept 2015
Believe it or not, there is a dirty great mountain range behind the wires, completely obscured by the dust haze.
Dust cloud 1 8th Sept 2015
The Merit Hotel was also clearing the vacant paddock beside our apartment which also created more dust. The hotel is establishing a market garden here.
Jeddah sandstorm
Jeddah as the storm was approaching
Cyprus Dust Storm
Dust storm over Cyprus
Cyprus dust storm 1
Dust storm from the air. Cyprus (Zypern) is south of Turkey.

Carob Memories


I created this from a photo I took of an abandoned carob store. The building was further along the coast, to the west from where we live in Alsancak, just outside the historic port of Kyrenia, in North Cyprus.  The light in the bottom window represents the wealth that people in Cyprus enjoyed from the carob crop, while the upper window represents memories of times past, as there are many of these abandoned stores along the shoreline.

The purple foliage represents the carob crop itself.  There are still many carob plantations around North Cyprus, and you often see the big carob pods hanging down after the flowering season.

For this image I used the gizmos on the BeFunky and PicMonkey photo editing programmes.

Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa is an ancient, historical site about five minutes from where we live on the north coast of North Cyprus. It was once an important, bustling sea port but declined in importance as people moved in land for protection against various sea-born attacks from the various countries surrounding Cyprus.

There you can find rock tombs – either open, or carved into the ground. It’s quite eerie to think you’re walking among tombs that once housed the bodies of adults and children – you can see the different sized shapes – small, medium, large – carved out when you go into the rock tombs under the surface. There are open tombs but these have degraded more than those that have been protected within the rocks around this area.

The above image is another tribute to the colourful, ancient history of Cyprus which has developed over thousands of years. It’s a collage of photos of the rock tombs as well as of the openings to the rock tombs as you walk into an enclosed area housing these ancient monuments to the dead. Over it I’ve super-imposed an image of a spirit being to represent those whose energies permeate this area as a reminder of those who’ve inhabited this island so important in history that Cyprus due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean.

Yemaya Songlines

I worked yesterday on a piece of art I created in Australia – Yemaya Dreaming. Yemaya is the Great Goddess of the oceans and I imagined synchronising her energies with that of the Rainbow Serpent which is an integral part of Aboriginal Dreaming – the way in which the country of Australia came into being.

I sold the painting before I left Australia to move to North Cyprus and it was quite an emotional moment for me to say goodbye to it as I’d incorporated into it stones from the beach where I’d scattered the ashes of my mother and father. I know it went to a good home though.

Yesterday I felt drawn to revisit my photo of the original art, to return to it as a song of praise for the great oceans, rivers, seas and waterways of our beautiful planet and to offer healing energies for the challenges these waters are facing.

The image that emerged reminded me of a great Yemaya in the sky being birthed here on Earth to offer the gift of water to Mother Earth as she was coming into being, hence the name: Yemaya Songlines.  Songlines are the story of creation – the links back to the heartland of this planet.

The black patterns represent the water plants that are nurtured within Yemaya’s depths and the mystery of creation.  Water represents feelings, emotional flow, tears, nurturing, sensations – and around the world so many are taking action to heal Mother Earth and ensure a heritage to future generations. This image honours them and the great waterways of our beautiful planet.

Yemaya Songlines
Yemaya Dreaming