Guts Not Fear

I created this in response to the growing movement for unity among people and against the small billionaire class trying to get us to live on our knees, instead of standing up on our feet and living life with honour and integrity.  Also did another Mouthy Mo rant today which I enjoy – don’t call … More Guts Not Fear

Madonna of Compassion

Ma I have to be honest and say that Madonna of Compassion is one of my favourite creations. If I remember correctly, the original image was created with the FlowArtapp.And I added in some amendments with the help of my App of the Moment, Toolwiz. I guess the Madonna of Compassion is something desperately needed … More Madonna of Compassion

Creative Fires

I was going to just post a  link to this inspirational message but then decided to reprint the whole commentary from Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock, two fine musicians: To the Next Generation of Artists We find ourselves in turbulent and unpredictable times. From the horror at the Bataclan, to the upheaval in Syria and … More Creative Fires

World Flag

Here’s my take on a world flag for unity of the world’s people around peace, tolerance, compassion, unity and love: the water and reeds behind the tree represent emotional openness; the wires you can see behind the reeds are the differences between countries being relegated to the past and insignificance;t he tree represents the World … More World Flag

Love of the People

Jesus was a bit of a lad, you know. Liked the poor, loved kids, kicked the crap out of moneylenders, told the truth, hobnobbed with prostitutes, fed to five thousand people fishes and loaves (ever thought that without the “a” loaves becomes “loves”?) and never asked if anyone was on food stamps, slept rough, had … More Love of the People


The image above is quite simple – I created a pale pink canvas in PicMonkey to represent unconditional love. Then I added many layers of bokeh from PicMonkey – lots of images of multi-coloured circles, then added an image I’ve used before of a spider on its web. This image relates to Spider Woman who, … More Namaste!