As Above, So Below

I was sitting in my front room when a mandala hanging on our wall caught my attention.  It’s the first one I ever created on a commercial basis and it was on the front cover of a New Age magazine in Brisbane (albeit a small photo, but on the cover, nonetheless). Anyway, this mandala positively … More As Above, So Below


I created this image again from the photo of the twisted tree in Japan.  The butterfly represents metamorphosis from the old to the new, while the lightning represents the sudden changes which can erupt in our lives and change our circumstances irrevocably. Quite often this sudden change can cast aside the fears and circumstances which … More Change

Amazing Grace

I found a canvas I’d created a while back of a sky scene and added over it an image of a pale purple/pink geranium flower, an image from the “Water” gizmo on PicMonkey and then another layer of butterflies. Looking at this photo reminded me of the loving song “Amazing Grace” and also how grace … More Amazing Grace