WordPress Woes!

WordPress is playing silly buggers at present – I always return the favour of checking out people’s blogs if they’ve liked mine or followed my blog. I consider it a courtesy to read posts, let the author I’ve enjoyed their writings via the “like” button, and if they’ve followed my blog I return the favour.

However, in the past few days, when I’ve tried to “like” a post, I get a blank square flash up on the left, and nothing else happens. I’ve tried to follow blogs, only to have WordPress come up with repeated requests to log in, and nothing happens as a result. I’ve logged in to one blog, gone to another and found I have to log in again. OR WordPress won’t let me follow at all.

So if you have, in recent times, either “liked” one or more of my posts, or you have following my blog, and you don’t have any contact from me, my apologies and blame WordPress for their shenanigans!

The photo below has no relevance whatsoever to my post, I just love the pic!