Joolz 3: My jewellery boards

When I arrived in North Cyprus from Australia in 2012, I had a hell of a time sorting out my jewellery once our luggage arrived (six months after being shipped from Australia, held up in Istanbul and only released after a bribe!).  So I finally decided to get some cork boards and hang my jewellery on them.  However, my collection has increased exponentially since I came across the crystal goodies my friend Dawn brings over from Istanbul, and this week I sorted them out into three boards: one for non-crystal jewellery, one for crystal jewellery and a third for earrings. Of course now my order of bling from Rose Wholesale has arrived I’ll have to do a bit of re-arranging. My husband shook his head when I was doing all this re-organising but I told him sweetly, don’t get between a Libran and her jewellery!

Joolz 2 – Bling, Lotsa Bling!

It was like Christmas had come again at our apartment a couple of days ago when a dress and costume jewellery I’d ordered turned up in two parcels. They’re from Rose Wholesale, an on-line business which I’ve found pretty good. Their products are cheap, but delivery time is up to a month so you need to plan ahead.  Anyway, as well as the dress (purple and white, fits like a dream!), I ordered some serious bling, and you’ll see these below:










I was also gifted a lovely purple and silver bracelet by a friend, just before she left North Cyprus to move to the Channel Islands. She also gave me a green pendant which needed sorting out, very twisted and all mixed up, but with a bit of patience I managed to get the whole thing sorted out. This necklace really pulls at me, it reminds me of ancient times for some reason and I really love it.