I was playing around today with a photo of painted rocks taken by Tammy Vitale in the US, then added an eagle flying. I decided to all it “Creativity” to reflect the joy  we feel when creativity carries us along on the great winds of inspiration. Then I started playing with overlays in piZap, liked … More Creativity

Wishing You Sunshine

I worked on a photo I took recently of the first gazania out in flower this spring (and just for your info BeFunky have upgraded their gizmos and there are heaps of gorgeous new goodies to play around with). So – wishing you sunshine and enjoyment of the Kinks’ recording of “Sunny Afternoon”!

Donegal Dreaming

I created this piece of digital art from a photo of the sea in Donegal which I saved a while back. I have no idea who the original photographer is so can’t give credit, although the final image is so different from the original photograph, I don’t think it’s infringing copyright!