Mandalas for Orlando

I’ve been taking part in an on-line course on Creative Play and one of our projects – turning to serious matters – was to create a mandala to express unity, support and sympathy for victims of the Orlando massacres and their families and friends. This is my mandala: 49 radiating lines for the victims, hearts … More Mandalas for Orlando

The Aeons of Art

This is a tribute to all those who have created art (painting, photography, glass, sculpture, etc.,) since time immemorial – to those who have produced a vast array of images over the aeons, from rock & cave art to huge canvases to small pieces to doodlings at home, to paintings on crockery, both large & … More The Aeons of Art

Fly Me to the Moon

I revisited a watercolour painting I created in Australia of a dragonfly and birds, giving it more pop with PicMonkey and Pixlr. And the reason I called it “Take Me to the Moon” is the video below which I hope you will enjoy.  Another kind person to remind us of how much good there is … More Fly Me to the Moon