Song of the Heart

Last week we had our apartment cleaned professionally by the Merit Hotel management due to the high amounts of dust and sand flooding our apartment from the construction site they’ve started right next door to where we live. We were unable to keep up with the dust levels – as fast as we dusted, the … More Song of the Heart

Streets of London

A friend just posted a link to this song, Streets of London, by Ralph McTell, so I’m posting it here too with a more subdued version of an image from an early post. It’s one of my favourite songs, one I played forever and a day when I lived in London from 1970-72. So poignant! … More Streets of London

Homage to Trees

I created this image from a photograph taken by Ann of the blog Republic of Ann. The fungi growing on the tree reminded me of just how much life trees sustain and how, too often, we forget the magnificence and power of trees. I can see the auric field around trees and had the wonderful … More Homage to Trees


Something different today – I saw the shadow cast by a tall poplar tree in our communal garden on the hotel that’s beside our block of apartments and, thankfully, slight to the right of our apartment so we will have views to the Mediterranean.  I just liked the idea of the tree and shadow in … More 2-for-1