Song of the Heart

Last week we had our apartment cleaned professionally by the Merit Hotel management due to the high amounts of dust and sand flooding our apartment from the construction site they’ve started right next door to where we live. We were unable to keep up with the dust levels – as fast as we dusted, the sand would blow in and land on all the surfaces in our kitchen, living room, bedroom and my study. In the end we complained and Merit management agreed to the cleaning process.

We had a lovely young Indian lass clean our place – she did a grand job, was very conscientious, but was I mortified when she collected our ornaments from the pelmet in our living room (I’d forgotten all about them!) and they were so covered in thick dust and sand you could hardly see what they were. She cleaned them up carefully and then replaced them in the right order on the shelf.

She told us we reminded her of her grandmother and grandfather in India who she missed enormously. But what went to my heart was her concern for my various scrapes and scratches, telling me to go to the doctor to get them checked. And then when she left, she tenderly stroked my cheeks and wished me well for the future.

She really touched my heart because I’m very independent, my husband’s kids live in the UK so we don’t get to see them very much, and anyway we are all accustomed to living our own lives.  It reminded me of the strength of the traditional family system and the way its members care for each other.

It was also very much a reminder to myself to take better care of me!  As I’m all air signs, astrologically speaking, I tend to be in my head and out there in the universe creating art and ideas, and often my physical body gets a bit overlooked. So since that kind gesture from the young Indian lass, I’m focussing more on loving my own self (instead of worrying about everybody else)

The above image is a result of my reflections on taking care of ourselves and listening to the song of our hearts which are meant for each of us as an individual. I hope you like the image.

Streets of London

A friend just posted a link to this song, Streets of London, by Ralph McTell, so I’m posting it here too with a more subdued version of an image from an early post.

It’s one of my favourite songs, one I played forever and a day when I lived in London from 1970-72. So poignant!

In this instance, I dedicate it to the courage, humour and resilience of all who live in London given recent events, and see this powerful song also as a call to our humanity to show compassion for all, regardless of their circumstances!

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

I created this digital art from a photo I took of a fig tree at a restaurant where we had a meal recently. I superimposed another photo of a fig tree taken earlier this year when it was just coming into leaf, then added a layer of starry images.

The trunk of the tree in the centre actually reminds me of a woman’s body as she reaches for the stars to draw the starstuff into her body to allow it to permeate her physical body into the earth beneath us – feeding galactic energy to Mother Earth so badly damaged by selfish, human endeavours.

Homage to Trees

Life of Trees

I created this image from a photograph taken by Ann of the blog Republic of Ann.

The fungi growing on the tree reminded me of just how much life trees sustain and how, too often, we forget the magnificence and power of trees.

I can see the auric field around trees and had the wonderful opportunity once to meditate in a powerful area of south-east Queensland close to Mt Barney, where I saw huge gouts of energy flaring up from the trees far into the atmosphere. Awesome and a moment for humility in the face of unseen energies which sustain so much life here on Planet Earth.

So here also is Paul Robeson singing Trees, the poem written by Joyce Kilmer.I always remember this song being played at the funeral of a good friend of ours, John Thomson, who had been a forester and life-long activist in defence of trees in south-west Western Australia. As the song started, all the plants in the room started moving slightly, as if John’s spirit were present at the memorial to a truly remarkable, honest, incorruptible man of great integrity whose life had been dedicated to living in harmony with the environment and his beloved trees.


Something different today – I saw the shadow cast by a tall poplar tree in our communal garden on the hotel that’s beside our block of apartments and, thankfully, slight to the right of our apartment so we will have views to the Mediterranean.  I just liked the idea of the tree and shadow in the early morning and because the poplar is such a tall, graceful tree.

Note the lovely blue skies we’re now experiencing in North Cyprus – temperatures are up to 19C this week and I’m a short-sleeved top. This poplar is still without leaves, although the small ones beside the road running past our apartment block have just started putting out buds. The almond trees are in blossom, the hawthorn and pomegranate trees are in leaf, the roses are blooming and our bougainvilleas are coming into leaf again after they were a bit battered by a week of harsh winds in January.

Poplar & Shadow
Poplar & Shadow
Another view of Poplar & Shadow
Another view of Poplar & Shadow