Streets of London

A friend just posted a link to this song, Streets of London, by Ralph McTell, so I’m posting it here too with a more subdued version of an image from an early post.

It’s one of my favourite songs, one I played forever and a day when I lived in London from 1970-72. So poignant!

In this instance, I dedicate it to the courage, humour and resilience of all who live in London given recent events, and see this powerful song also as a call to our humanity to show compassion for all, regardless of their circumstances!



Old spirit, in and beyond me,
keep and extend me. Amid strangers,
friends, great trees and big seas breaking,
let love move me. Let me hear the whole music,
see clear, reach deep. Open me to find due words,
that I may shape them to ploughshares of my own making.
After such luck, however late, give me to give to
the oldest dance…. Then to good sleep,
and – if it happens – glad waking.


~ Philip Booth ~

(Lifelines: Selected Poems 1950-1999)

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

I created this digital art from a photo I took of a fig tree at a restaurant where we had a meal recently. I superimposed another photo of a fig tree taken earlier this year when it was just coming into leaf, then added a layer of starry images.

The trunk of the tree in the centre actually reminds me of a woman’s body as she reaches for the stars to draw the starstuff into her body to allow it to permeate her physical body into the earth beneath us – feeding galactic energy to Mother Earth so badly damaged by selfish, human endeavours.

The Sun Tree

Since I moved to North Cyprus I’ve been fascinated by olive trees.  Their grey, gnarled twisted trunks look ancient and sturdy, and I love their grey-green foliage. To me they’re the bearers of life: wood for fires; olive oil for cooking; olives for eating.  So I decided that the olive was the tree of the sun because it thrives in hot, dry conditions and provides warmth, light and nourishment for us human beings.Olive Life

>Full Moon & Holy Grail


I’ve missed a couple of days of the Art Every Day Month project, decided I needed to sit back and relax a bit, so that ideas can flow instead of trying to make art work in a forced sort of way.  
I suddenly remembered yesterday that we’re coming up to the Full Moon (early morning Monday here on the East Coast) so decided to create a painting to align with this moon’s energy and to release some stuff I no longer wish to drag along with me.  I thought it was interesting – once I’d got the inspiration for the artwork, I quickly got the images of the Tree of Life pouring through a goblet, which I’m choosing to see as the Holy Grail, and then heading to the sky, with the Full Moon in the background.
So this afternoon, after we’d had a nice stroll along Scottshead Beach again – complete with people and boats all over the place because it was a surfing carnival – I started on the painting, working with watercolour pencils, a medium I’ve only recently started using:
I think it’s interesting how focusing on artwork lets your mind drift, so that you get clearer about the changes you want to make when you’re engrossed in artwork.  So on this occasion, I decided that I was going to really create a lot more free time for my art and writing by cutting back on my e-mails and time on Facebook.  I’ve actually realised how much less we communicate when Facebook is diverting attention from face-to-face contact.  I’m not against Facebook as I’ve come across some lovely people I never would have connected with otherwise, but you can spend too much time looking at all the info available, instead of focusing on creative work.  I also realise that I’m a bit too conscientious in that often I e-mail people I don’t hear from and often feel I’m sending material into the great cyberspace graveyard in the sky.  So I’m culling my e-mail list back to those who also do me the courtesy of staying in contact.  That way I’m opening up my time and space for an expansion of my creative work.  
I’m also currently thinking of ways to create an on-line mandala course next year, so cutting back on e-mails and Facebook will help me focus on my own projects, rather than reading about everyone else’s, lol.
I do have the artwork finished, but I won’t finish my alignment work until I get up in the morning, because the Full Moon isn’t until the early hours and, trust me, I won’t be running around in the middle of the night doing rituals!  So when I get up and had my shot of early-morning caffeine and I’m relatively compos mentis, I’ll work out an intention to align with the Full Moon, write it down on the lovely wishcraft paper my friend gave me, and then burn the paper in a rather beautiful brass ashtry stand which I use for these rituals.

And then, of course, full steam ahead, onwards and upwards, teacups, and anything else encouraging you can think of!