>Some links to inspiring material – Barefoot Doctor


For some years I’ve been reading stuff by Barefoot Doctor ina British magazine I used to subscribe to. I’ve found his various articles inspiring and helpful.  I came across his material when I lived in the UK and bought one of his books at Manchester Airport to use up my last British currency. Good stuff.  So when I came across his website, I thought I’d post a link. I’ve just downloaded some of his meditations which are enormous fun and the whackiest meditations I’ve ever come across. But I enjoy them and they’re really motivational which is what counts. This is the link:

I did get a free download of information about planetary movements in 2011 which is free and really good value, but I’ve lost the link. When I track it down, I’ll post it here as the info is really useful and extremely good value. So watch this space – or rather the next space which hopefully will include a link.