Healing Dream

I was feeling tired yesterday afternoon so sloped off to bed for a kip.

I had a dream where I was in a room looking at others in a bigger room for a festive occasion. For some reason, I felt that I would be alone in my life and was quite resigned to it. I entered the bigger room and a younger man there started dancing with me, but then queried me about my health history. I talked at length to him and he told me I was lucky as he was a master healer and usually charged £400 per session. As he said this, he put his arms around me, held me in a wonderful embrace, I fell into a deep sleep feeling safe and protected, and woke feeling as if a whole heap of crap from my past had melted away.

This is pretty self-explanatory and one of the reasons that I’ve posted it is because it had such an emotional effect on me. I have lots of dreams, often don’t remember them, but when I do and they leave an emotional residue, then I know I need to note that dream down and work with it.

It’s also been my experience that if you don’t write a meaningful dream down you’ll likely forget it. And when you do return to dreams over time, it’s surprising how you forget them and the impact they had.

With this dream I can remember clearly the loving, healing, supportive energies I received and I keep hugging myself at the memory!


Rock Dreaming

This image was developed from a photo of rock layers. I’ve added in the images of birds as they are symbolic of communication and flight into the unknown as well as an image of the Moon representing the Mysteries resonant in life on Mother Earth.

It seems to me that the Spirit of Rock, whatever form it takes on Planet Earth,  is the holder of information throughout the eons of Earth’s existence. Rock Elders are  guardians of wisdom through the ages, something we can often overlook as rock communication is subtle and symbolic rather than the oral language we are more accustomed to use to communicate.

The green in this image reflects growth, healing and continuity, something that is easy to overlook given the turmoil on Earth at present. The pink colour relates to the power of Love and its transcendence above the mundane.


Customised Digital Art – Just for You!


In late 1995 I had a Tarot reading where the lady predicted I’d do a short painting workshop and then start drawing images for people. At the time I thought she was barking mad and I’d done my dough because I was utterly hopeless at art. But shortly afterwards, in February 1996, I attended a 2-day mandala workshop and  I was off and running art-wise: I found that my forte in art is symbols. I started off with mandalas for friends and then for personal orders. Then I started creating what I called “SoulSong” art which portrayed the colours and shapes I see around people. And now I’ve returned to creating symbols for people through digital art.

I am therefore now offering customised digital art for individuals.  You can order and pay on PayPal and all I’ll need you to do is send me a photo so I can tune into you and create your own piece of digital art.  The cost is  US$25 and, when it’s completed, I’ll e-mail you the image.  You can then print it out, or get it printed onto canvas or as a poster via one of the many websites offering this sort of service. Please remember that I live in North Cyprus so there are time zones to take into account when waiting for me to get back to you. If you decide to buy digital art for yourself, please send me a photo of yourself at:




If you’d like it framed in plain beige board with protective envelope and posted, it will be an extra US $20. Please note too postage from Turkey takes two weeks and getting the print framed takes another week as I can only catch up with the framer at the local market. The button below is for the $45 option.


My various art progressions:

Dream of Olwen
Dream of Olwen – Digital Art
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Butterfly – Mandala Art


Soul Transformation
Soul Transformation – SoulSong Art

Spirit Soaring

I created this with a blank canvas and a photo I took of a pansy with a centre which looks like an eagle in flight. An eagle aloft not only gives you perspective, it  shows how strong you are when you following your own songlines home to your soul. When your heart sings, when you are in alignment with your heart, your spirit soars and you feel at peace.That’s the essence of this piece of digital art.

Spirit in Flight
Spirit Soaring

A Portal to the Stars of Life

A while back I fiddled with a painting I created in Australia which was called “Butterfly Transformation”. I didn’t feel it was quite finished so left it, but this afternoon got an idea of how I wanted to finish it off.

I added in a photo I used in my Autumn Leaves art piece, which is of blue leaves which originally were maroon. I super-imposed these into the centre of the digital image I’d created from my painting, then went to work with PicMonkey and a new plug-in I downloaded today from Topaz Labs for Photoshop which gives you all sorts of stars and different lighting effects.

The result reminded me of opening a portal to the stars of life, hence the title of this piece of digital art.

I’ve been working in a fairly concentrated fashion this afternoon as I rather liked the idea of creating my 500th blog but also because

A Portal to the Stars of Life
A Portal to the Stars of Life

tomorrow I’m working on two pieces for a couple of friends.

So with that, over and out!

Butterfly Transformation
Butterfly Transformation – incomplete image

Butterfly Transformation

Olive Trees, Water, Stars

One of the things I like to do when I go for a walk is to take photos of ordinary stuff like leaves on the ground or grasses because they’re so versatile in surreal art.   A couple of days ago I walked along the low wall at the back of our parking area and took some photos of leaves on the floor, fallen fruit of the hawthorn bushes and another one of an olive tree with some grasses in the foreground.

These trees are fascinating me at the moment, not just for the lovely grey colour of their bark and leaves, but because of their longevity and because they provide people with wood for fires, olives to eat and olive oil to use in cooking and heating.

So this afternoon I worked on photos of grasses and an olive tree and grasses, with watery and starry gizmos overlaid because I’ve just downloaded a Topaz plug-in for Photoshop which creates all sorts of starry and light images. The resulting photo I called: Olive Trees, Water, Stars because to me it’s a fusion of the earthiness of olive trees, the water which they need occasionally to stay alive and which refreshes us, and the stars because they connect us with the galactic energies interwoven into our hearts and souls. The original photo is below also.

Olive Tree, Water, Stars
Olive Tree, Water, Stars
Grasses & Olive Tree
Grasses & Olive Tree