Singing Down



It’s pretty simple, really.

Open your heart and soul

In the middle of the night,

lift up your arms in joy and ecstasy

and sing down into your

very being

the melody of the sun, the stars, the galaxies

the universe.

Then feel your heart and soul

bursting with the cosmic energy of

love, splendour, light

and send it pealing joyously around

Mother Earth.

Because you, me, us –

we’re the true leaders.

We need to stand on our feet,

feel the power flowing

through us

and take over

from the mis-leaders

to show the way to a world of love

resonating with the beauteous song of the Divine.

True leaders

Let the Sun Shine In

Here Comes the Sun

My prayer is for

the sun to burn in the sky

and shine brightly on all children

around the world who

deserve to live in the golden light

that the sun casts

to warm us, give us hope, light the future

And cast out suffering, war, famine and poverty.

I live in hope.

Because I know hope is the beacon to

a future where love abounds and children

shall not suffer.








Here Comes the Sun

This digital art was created with about seven or eight layers of various photos of clouds I’ve taken here in North Cyprus. Then I added an overlay of a yellow hibiscus, and finally touched up the image with a few tweaks from the gizmos on PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr.  I was wondering what to call it, got the feel it needed to be a song, trawled through my music and came up with “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.  Hope you enjoy the music too – something different for the first link, and THEN the Beatles!

Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the Sun







The Sun Tree

Since I moved to North Cyprus I’ve been fascinated by olive trees.  Their grey, gnarled twisted trunks look ancient and sturdy, and I love their grey-green foliage. To me they’re the bearers of life: wood for fires; olive oil for cooking; olives for eating.  So I decided that the olive was the tree of the sun because it thrives in hot, dry conditions and provides warmth, light and nourishment for us human beings.Olive Life

Sunny Skies

I’ve had my eye on a yellow rose near the swimming pool of the communal garden in our apartment block and today it had opened just right.  I took some photos and I am very excited to say I came across another on-line photo editor which is similar to PicMonkey but has some additional features.  I’ve had enormous fun playing with it, so here is a little ray of sunshine for all those of you who have been enduring rain, ice and snow. I hope this lights your life a little bit!

Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies

An Ancient Sun

I was reading something yesterday which mentioned the words “ancient sun” and for some reason that phrase rang a bell for me and I was drawn to create an image of an ancient sun. A while back I was fiddling with a new plug-in, it’s free but diabolical to use, and got an image of the sun which didn’t actually appear in the photo I was editing, instead it turned up on its own and overrode the original image.  I actually liked the sun image and yesterday played with it, mostly on PicMonkey but also with the Redfield Fractalius plug-on I’ve just installed.  Firstly I added layers of the original sun photo, then added in one of a sunset here in North Cyprus, more layers of the original sun photo, lots of playing with the “paint” gizmo on PIcMonkey and finally used the Basic Edits to tone up the colours. And here’s the result: An Ancient Sun.

An Ancient Sun
An Ancient Sun