Spider Drawing Down Magic

I created this from an image I had of rocks on the Jurassic Coast of the  UK, plus an image super-imposed of a photo I took of a spider when I was living in Woodenbong, on the rim of an ancient volcanic caldera.high up in the Border Ranges of northern New South Wales, Australia.

The spider was weaving its web against the window at night and the flash of my camera caught a very good image of it at work. With the stones colourised behind it, this image reinforces for me the image of Spider as weaving the web of the universe.

Altar to my Spider Totem

Here’s a photo of my altar to my totem, a spider. It is customary not to name the exact spider and I connected with her when I did a soul retrieval. I had to tie a prayer string around my left wrist until it disappeared and my totem would have arrived. So I tied the knot tightly, walked out to my car and the knot had disappeared already. My spider totem appeared, her presence so strong that all the spiders in our home came out to greet her – big, middle and small spiders. Even my husband noticed the spiders everywhere. We were also living in the appropriately named Cobweb Cottage at the time!

My totem sits on my right shoulder. The drum on the wall was blank but once my totem appeared, I painted the spider image and it was amazing how the tone of the drum changed once I’d put my energy into it. I also created the Spider Woman painting. Around the drum are my beaters, rattles, a rain stick and a pair of Aboriginal clap sticks (in the red and black bag) which I sourced from an ethical outlet in the Kimberley region of north-west Western Australia. You need to be careful about buying Aboriginal art in Australia as a lot of it is cheap copies from Indonesia. But my clap sticks are the real deal.

I Love Street Art

I love Street ArtSomeone from Twitter with the moniker StreetArt reminded liked one of my posts and reminded me how much I like street art. I think it enhances our urban environment and adds richness to our daily lives, plus the creativity of street artists never ceases to amaze me.

The spider represents the web of creativity spun by artists world-wide; the honeybee represents the sweetness in our lives when we open to the creativity around us; while the crow at the top represents the mystery of art and the power of imagination in our lives.

Spider & Rose

No, this is not some movie or song or whatever: I was taking photos of the Apothecary’s Rose in the front garden, which is the rose of the title of this post. The rose fascinates me as it’s such an ancient heritage rose from the Turkish region with a huge centre.

So I poked open the petals to have a look at the centre and out shot a pure white spider, absolutely pure white. Don’t know who was most surprised – me or the white spider. Anyway, while said spider was motionless I took a quick snap of him or her. I reckon this little web-spinner is going to be quite lucky for me!

Apothecary's Rose & white spider

Creative Flight

Creative Flight

I worked with some new gizmos on Pixlr to create this image, adding in the spider image from a photo I took of a spider at night on the outside of our window when we were living in Woodenbong, in the Border Ranges of northern New South Wales, Australia.  Spiders relate to creativity so this image is intended to remind us of our creative talents and hopefully encourage creative talents.

Time Out

I’ve decided to have a week’s break from blogging and doing pretty much anything at present as the heat has really begun to affect me badly and I’m suffering from heat exhaustion.  We’ve had over a fortnight of 40C (102-104F) with intense humidity and it has been utterly draining.  We are facing the same for the rest of the week, with temperatures slated to start dropping next week (I live in hope!).  As I am feeling  under the weather with the high heat coupled with rampant humidity and it’s caused my fibromyalgia to flare up badly too, I decided I’m just going to rest and wait it out until it feels okay to return to blogging.

We have also decided to put our apartment up for sale as we want to live in a house rather than a complex, and also search out a Cypriot house as they’re more attuned to the climate, so watch this space.  Our friends think it’s very funny as we have moved nine times in the past twenty years (including moving to the UK and back to Australia, and then to North Cyprus) and I guess they’ve been wondering when the next move would happen!

I created this digital art a couple of days ago with a photo I took of a spider when I was living in Woodenbong, high in the Border Ranges in northern New  South Wales.  So l will post it although I have no insights into it whatsoever, my brain feels like mush!

Web of Life



This is some art I’ve been playing with today after my earlier post as part of Art Every Day Month November.  I was checking through my photos and came across an amazing one I took when we  were living in Woodenbong, in far north New South Wales.

The village was on the edge of an ancient caldera and the energies there were fierce and creative. I did most of my goddess paintings there but today I came across an amazing photo of a sunset.  I’ve taken it and played with it, firstly creative a simple surreal painting (if surreal is every simple!), and then I added a photo I took of a spider and it’s web on the outside of our window at night.  I really like the result, as spider is about creativity and it’s my totem.Exif_JPEG_422

The first two paintings are new, the last two are the original photographs.

Fire & Creation
Sunset on Volcano’s Edge



Spider photographed on outside of window at night
Sunset at Woodenbong