For this piece of digital art I used a photo taken by, Ann, of a lady who lives in the Rockies.  She had a series of photos of frozen ice which I found awesome given we don’t get much ice or snow in my neck of the woods here in North Cyprus.

Ann’s blog is: The Republic of Ann – Despatches from the Rockies.

I worked with one of Ann’s photos which was taken  at an icy cliff along NC SR 215 south of Beech Gap (which, to be very truthful, means nothing to me but it might to others who are familiar with the area). I wanted to give life to the idea that, when we feel frozen inside, if we can summon up our courage to do inner work, we can melt the ice, free ourselves up and move forward with our lives.

The light at the left reflects letting insight into our inner understanding, while – if you look closely – you can see a figure rising top right, which represents the release of our inner wisdom and insight. This may well take a long time, often it’s not an overnight process, and it may involve working with and getting support from others. But I know in my own experience that if you can work through the inner gremlins and release them to cyber-space, you feel a whole lot healthier and more powerful.

Thank you, Ann, for allowing me to use your photos. I think it must be wonderful to live in such a beautiful, magickal part of Mother Earth.

Galactic Gardens

Galactic Gardens

I created a piece of digital art which had galactic only images, so I sorted through various images and came across one, Appalachian Trail Crossing Wayah Bald, from photos by Ann of the blog  Despatches from the Rockies:

It seemed to me to be a path which led up to the stars, illustrating that the Earth, we human beings and all sentient beings, are made of star stuff and are not in any way separate from the rest of the Galaxy.

Here’s the original photo from Ann’s photos:

Appalachain Trail Crossing Wayah Bald