Beauty over Cruelty

I’ve been absent from the internet since New Year as I copped a really ratty virus doing the rounds in North Cyprus. I’ve had severe bronchitis, muscle pains, lousy cough and killer headache which have knocked me for six and left me resting or sleeping for most of the time since January 1st. Great start … More Beauty over Cruelty


I read an interesting post on the blog: about patience when working with dreams and how simply working with emotions can help one understand and connect with the messages from our inner wisdom.  Very timely for me as I had a dream just before I woke up about talking in public, not relying on … More Dreaming

Agate Dreaming

Today I bought a rather beautiful pendant of Picasso Picture Jasper at our local market.  I consider it an inspirational piece for me in my creation of digital/surreal art because it really does look like a piece of surreal art. So I decided to work with a base of a picture I created a while … More Agate Dreaming