This is my collection of feathers which I’ve gathered over the years, all of them in Australia. They are crow, rainbow lorikeet, pigeon, dove, kookaburra, pheasant coucal and barn owl.  I use them in ritual and ceremony as they have a strong connection with the air element.

On the Full Moon last Friday I did a release ritual.  I cleared off the crystals I’d laid out in a grid for the New Moon and simply left the yellow glass chips on the yellow-coloured plate, and lit a candle in a turquoise candle-holder.  Yellow for me was the energy of the Full Moon … More

Cosmic Happenings

I’ve been having a bit of a clear-out of old ideas and habits in the past fortnight since the Full Moon and Full Moon eclipse and today I’m going to do another ritual to continue junking the junk! I’ve been feeling so much more energetic and focused.  We are in really interesting times and it’s … More Cosmic Happenings

>A Saturnian Ritual

>I’ve been getting stuck into Caroline Casey’s book “Making the Gods Work for You” in recent days. I actually found this publication in a remnants section of a bookshop, but what a great find it was and continues to be.  I dip into it from time to time and I’d highly recommend it for anyone … More >A Saturnian Ritual