Chrysanthemum Blooming (aedm21)

I didn’t manage to post every day in Leah Piken Kolidas’ Art Every Day Month November 2016, had back problems. So I’m catching up on the posts I did manage so I’ve got a record of my art creations.

The photo below is of a bunch of chrysanthemums I found dumped in a bin outside a supermarket we visit occasionally on the east side of Kyrenia (we live on the west side). They were fresh, in great condition, so I indulged my inner bag lady, fished them out, stuck them in a vase and they lasted three weeks. Wonderful!  ]

The pic has an overlay from Prisma, which is an app I use on my tablet.


Playing with Prisma

Here are four more images created with a Prisma overlay.  I can’t remember how I created the original image, but to me the first two pieces of digital art relate to the way women are rising up against misogyny and patriarchy, whether in the US, Europe, Middle East, Russia and so on.

The last two, however, remind me of sci-fi stuff: the opening bars of Doctor Who and its otherworldly music and images, plus a wormhole to alternative realities!

Phoenix Rising
Wormhole to Alternative Realities
Doctor Who!


Feel the Fire!

I’ve been having fun with my new tablet, creating images and then adding overlays by Prisma which offer images and patterns from various artists and art forms. It’s amazing how the energies of an image change with the different colours, so here are a set which relate to fiery images.

A New Order Arising from the Old
Flames of the Heart
Phoenix Rising
Tripping the Light Fantastic
Women on Fire
Right Communication
Right Communication