Sands of Time

This image developed from a photo I had of a standing stone in the UK.  I like the feeling of age associated with the stone but also the links from the past to the present to the future. I think too there’s a feeling of peace if we take time to think of the aeons … More Sands of Time

Creative Fire

I’ve been having great fun with my new tablet and the app, Toolwiz. Above is artwork I created from a photo of Lake Eyre in central Australia. Amazing what you can do with this handy app!

Dances of the Winds

I created this from an original photo I took of a wind farm in Lancashire at dusk in 1994, believe it or not. I’ve always been rather proud of that photo as it was the first one of scenery which looked pretty dramatic and good. The windmills on these farms always remind me of the … More Dances of the Winds

Ode to Olives

I have been fiddling with photos I’ve taken of olive trees here in North Cyprus. I love these trees – they are sturdy with leaves of olive-green, and thick, etched trunks. They provide shelter with their leaves, wood for heating, and food with olives and olive oil. You can get small, green olives here with … More Ode to Olives


I created this from an on-line image I found of the Niagara Falls frozen in super-cold weather last winter. I was interested to see what looks like the pale purple image of a dolphin in the middle towards the right (or it might just be my imagination!). This piece of digital art has a two-fold … More Promise