The Road Less Travelled

I rather enjoyed creating this piece of digital art – it has at base a photo of a late afternoon sky here in North Cyprus, and then there are layers of different sort of leaves, plus some playing around with PicMonkey’s gizmos.  Great fun again and when I finished it reminded me of “The Road Less Travelled” because that calls with passion and brightness, while the road oft travelled is likely dark and cluttered!

The Road Less Travelled
The Road Less Travelled

>Sounds True – Great Ideas for Growth

>I’ve just come across a really useful site for downloads of all sorts of material for meditation, yoga, personal development and so on. It offers videos, downloads and books of various well-known writers and speakers and at present everything is 25% discounted.

For myself, I’ve just downloaded an MP3 of Sharon Salzburg on Loving Kindness, but there are heaps of other items which are making me drool at the lips. Budgetary constraints hold me back from going bonkers buying everything which attracts me, but I thought I’d just pop this short post in for anyone who’s interested in this sort of material.