The Resistance: Justice Rising

I’m an optimist, always have been, always will be. So I see the large numbers in the States marching and organising against fascism as a brilliant development, confirming my faith in the goodness of the majority of people in the United States.

Similarly I see the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK as a sign that people are organising for social justice, peace and decent wages and working conditions, and an end to the class warfare of the Tories under the euphemism of “austerity”.

And just this past week I’ve seen reports of how the progressive government in Portugal in 2016, according to figures released on March 24th, cut the budget deficit by more than half to just under 2.1% of GDP (see chart), the lowest since Portugal’s transition to democracy in 1974. The administration restored state pensions, wages and working hours to pre-bail-out levels, and also brought the deficit well under the 2.5% target set for it by the European Union.

So there are lights on the horizon even though negative news about Trump fills a lot of newspaper, TV and radio space. The trick is not to focus on the negative but instead on the positive.  It’s how we’ll survive these challenging times!






(This piece of digital art was originally created in acrylics to reflect the entry of Uranus into Aries in 2002 – change, upheaval, new ideas, passion – which I have revisited to reflect the rise of passion for  honest politics with the bubbles on the left the hopes of people for social justice and peace)

It has come to my attention that changes are afoot in the political world in the UK and US (with some odd bits thrown in by Podema in Spain and Syriza in Greece) which are raising questions about the political status quo. I therefore feel it’s my solemn duty to warn those reading my post of the following:

Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US are what is known as – shock, horror – LEFT-WINGERS and SOCIAL DEMOCRATS.  I hope you are all aware that when these two dangerous characters get out of bed each day, they wind in their horns, tuck in their tails and stop breathing out fire and brimstone so the look like human beings instead of the Devil Incarnate as they head out to talk of quite terrible things which should make our hair stand on end.

They both appear to be honest fellows but they will insist on talking about a commitment to equality, peace and justice which is a bit weird to say the least. They also talk about reining in the banking and bombing establishments, supporting living wages for the working poor, ensuring the billionaire class pays its way and – imagine – not bombing people with oil into oblivion! Just imagine spouting drivel like stopping tax evasion by multinationals and billionaires – Corbyn and Sanders should wash their mouths out!

Now I know this is completely heretical and I’m sorry to spoil your breakfast with words like “social justice”, “poor people”, “nationalisation of the railways” (UK – imagine lower fares, decent network and trains on time, what a concept!), free education to ensure open entrance to tertiary education for all levels of society, but there’s something else I have to inform you about. Neither of these gentlemen gets togged up in flash clothing, they often eschew ties (okay, I know you gotta sit down for that one), their hair is often dishevelled and not slicked back, and Corbyn (and this is really dreadful – brace yourselves!) has been seen in socks and sandals.  Can you imagine this sartorial sin on full display and no apology! Plus Corbyn committed the ultimate sin of standing by his convictions as a Republican and not singing that dreadful dirge known as the British anthem. What a monster!

I guess it’s also my mission to say that these two – Corbyn and Sanders – have stuffed up the horse-trading between the major political parties, which make a big show of being different but boil down to the same: conservative and conservative lite, both administering a cosy little relationship between the political systems, the Establishment and the mainstream media.

Corbyn and Sanders have tossed a bomb in the status quo – a bomb of peace not war, justice not injustice, care for the disadvantaged, equal opportunity. My god, bombers for truth and wisdom!  What a concept, what courage, what hope!

No More Veterans

Dulce et Decorum Est

This image was created from a photograph taken by Ann of The Republic of Ann blog ( The photo reminded me of a peaceful pathway towards the Rainbow Bridge for all those who’ve lost to their lives in wars wherever they have taken place.

So this digital art is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in wars through the ages and in all countries which have suffered the tragedy of conflict.

I thought the best comment I’ve read over the past few weeks of remembrance of wars and lives lost was this:

“The best way to honour veterans, is to not create any more veterans.”

Near Franklin, NC
Original Photo from The Republic of Ann





The Soul on Fire!

Responsibility 1

This image represents hope for a better world  of love not hate, of compassion not contempt, of vision not fear, of souls on fire and flowering with hope. But also black streaks across represent the forces dragging us down – the military-industrial complex; Big Pharma like Monsanto; Big Oil; politicians in the pockets of big business.

The corporate Establishment relies on divide and rule: to set one section of the population against another: dog-whistling on race;  winding up the war machine to get people gung-ho on wars; preaching hate against the poor; against the Russians; against black people; against Aboriginal people; against refugees and asylum seekers; against women’s rights; against Muslims; and so on.

People – we’re pretty much all in the same boat and it’s very, very leaky.

The American dream, the British dream and the Australian dream are just that – dreams, smoke in mirrors, propaganda to gladden the heart of that master of propaganda, Hermann Goering in Nazi Germany.  Because the super-wealthy are hogging even more wealth while the rest of us are getting an increasingly small share of the cake.

We don’t have to live on our knees though, reduced to little people cowering in fear, intolerance and selfishness. It’s not as if we’re powerless slaves. We, the people, can stand on our feet and cut through the smoke and mirrors of greed and hate.  We can stand together and overcome the divide-and-rule tactics of the Establishment gnomes and goblins.

We can fire up our souls to create a better world!

We can take action – people are on the march in various countries; social media has taken off as an organising tool; people are signing petitions like never before; people are standing up to the fracking standover merchants; and much more.

We have in our hands creativity, action outside the box, imagination, courage, fearlessness and the tools of cooperation and open, loving hearts.Activate them!

Just to wind up, below is a link to real people power in action: a couple of guys who’ve taken it upon themselves to tackle corruption in Illinois.

Anti-Corruption Action

Human soul on fire

Compassion Dwight Eisenhower


Goehring 1 Goehring