Sunset in North Cyprus

I took these photos last night when I was photographing our verandah now my husband has taken down the brown plastic which used to surround our patio. He’s a great handyman, having worked in the construction industry in Perth, Australia, when we lived there. It was his idea to take down the wickerwork on top of the plastic facade which opened up the area to a lot more light, but removing the brown plastic has helped our patio look so much lighter and more spacious. Bryan was quite disgusted with my myopia as I hadn’t twigged that there were railings the other side of the plastic facade – despite living here over two years now!

The patio looks so much improved I thought I’d take a photo or two as the sun was setting.  As a reminder, our outside setting is utilitarian as the dogs can’t munch on it!

The building you can see on the horizon is a cement processing plant.  It looks close as I used a zoom lens for this photo but it is in fact quite a distance from us and we don’t hear any of the processing that goes on, thank goodness.

Sunset 2, 17-7-2014 Sunset 3, 17-7-2014 Sunset 1, 17-7-2014


New railings at sunset 1
Patio opened up so everything looks much lighter and we have far better views. In this photo you can see how far away the cement processing plant is and on the right you can see the new Merit Hotel which has just opened up – we call it LegoLand!


Patio, June 2012
The patio when we moved in – plastic covering railings and wickerwork on top. All now gone. The table and chairs are in the verandah beside my room where they are protected from doggy depredations!