I worked on an earlier piece of art I created with a Zen-type app but which proved to be a bit boring so I’ve deleted it.  Loading it to Toolwiz and working on it cheered the image up no end

Creative Fire

I’ve been having great fun with my new tablet and the app, Toolwiz. Above is artwork I created from a photo of Lake Eyre in central Australia. Amazing what you can do with this handy app!

Nasty Woman

I finally managed to track down a very nice, ergonomically designed office chair late yesterday, which was delivered at lunchtime, so back in business. Sort of. Because we had a 14-hour power cut, just in  our area of Alsancak, so nothing could be done internet-wise. When I finally managed to get back on-line, I decided … More Nasty Woman


I fiddled with this image for quite a while, creating an earlier piece of art which didn’t “feel” right. So I left it and when I returned, while I liked the background image, I didn’t like the graphics in the centre. I decided to turn to my trusty folio of flower photos, and came across … More Passion

Fire of Passion

This is another piece of digital art created from another photo of my carnelian necklace.  I worked differently with this – working briefly in Photoshop with the “liquify” gizmo to balance out the photo and blur the individual stones. Then I switched to PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr, stuffing around with all their gizmos until this … More Fire of Passion

Playing with Passion

Okay, relax because this is not an x-rated post!  I have been playing with a photo of our first passion-flower on the vine we bought three weeks ago. We have a bare concrete path running to our small shed that runs along the fence between our apartment and the paddock next door. So we decided … More Playing with Passion