A while back a good friend in the United States asked me to create a  painting of Kali, the Goddess of death, time, and doomsday. Just after this request, I visited a market and came across a small mask which, to me, embodied the essence of Kali. I had to paint in the red tongue … More Kali

Circles of Magicians

I’ve just been reading a really interesting and inspiring series of interviews of the singer/poet/artist, Joni Mitchell, by the journalist, Malka Marom. Ms Mitchell talks of a circle of magicians in relating to the musicians she’s worked, and her words reminded me of the circles of magicians in my life – all the women I’ve … More Circles of Magicians

Dream of Olwen

I have no idea why this piece of digital art reminded me of “Dream of Olwen” but there you go, the mysteries and vagaries of the Universe. “Dream of Olwen” was the theme music of a 1947 film called “While I Live” about a young composer who tragically falls to her death leaving her composition … More Dream of Olwen

Bright Blessings

I created another blank canvas this morning with a pale violet colour, then browsed the photos I’ve taken of flowers. I never know what I’m going to settle on, just follow my intuition. So today my attention was taken by a wild flower that my husband found growing near the apartment we stayed in when … More Bright Blessings