Rock Dreaming

This image was developed from a photo of rock layers. I’ve added in the images of birds as they are symbolic of communication and flight into the unknown as well as an image of the Moon representing the Mysteries resonant in life on Mother Earth. It seems to me that the Spirit of Rock, whatever … More Rock Dreaming

Stairway to Heaven

Yes, I know it’s the most obvious song but it suits this image so well: it’s a pathway on Machu Picchu in Peru, leading to the clouds, the spirits of this magnificent creation and memories of stone energies alive and thriving over the centuries.  

Guardians of Time

My friend lives in the far north of New South Wales and regularly goes bushwalking. On her visit to the Giraween National Park, she took photos of some wonderful rock formations, and she’s given me permission to work on her rock photos. When I look at rock formations, I see faces, energies, history and meaning. … More Guardians of Time

New Horizons

I created this from a photo a friend posted on Facebook of the Sayan Mountains which stretch across Asia.  I never quite know what I’m going to create, I just follow my intuition, pick an image which draws my attention, and then start fiddling around, this time with PicMonkey and Pixlr.

Honour and Respect Earth’s Guardian Elders

This image is to honour our mountains – the Earth Elder Guardians with their magnificence, spirit energies and role as high energy custodians of this wonderful Planet Earth of ours. The image is composed of photos of four Earth Elder Spirits superimposed, one over the other. The foundation image is of ancient rain forest at … More Honour and Respect Earth’s Guardian Elders