The Power of Wilderness Unleashed

This is a tribute to wilderness areas around the world, but more specifically The Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante which the US president is trying to attack on behalf of mining interests.

This tribute is not just to the two wilderness areas but to all those who are standing up to and fighting this desecration of sacred land.


Spider Drawing Down Magic

I created this from an image I had of rocks on the Jurassic Coast of the  UK, plus an image super-imposed of a photo I took of a spider when I was living in Woodenbong, on the rim of an ancient volcanic caldera.high up in the Border Ranges of northern New South Wales, Australia.

The spider was weaving its web against the window at night and the flash of my camera caught a very good image of it at work. With the stones colourised behind it, this image reinforces for me the image of Spider as weaving the web of the universe.

Rock Dreaming

This image was developed from a photo of rock layers. I’ve added in the images of birds as they are symbolic of communication and flight into the unknown as well as an image of the Moon representing the Mysteries resonant in life on Mother Earth.

It seems to me that the Spirit of Rock, whatever form it takes on Planet Earth,  is the holder of information throughout the eons of Earth’s existence. Rock Elders are  guardians of wisdom through the ages, something we can often overlook as rock communication is subtle and symbolic rather than the oral language we are more accustomed to use to communicate.

The green in this image reflects growth, healing and continuity, something that is easy to overlook given the turmoil on Earth at present. The pink colour relates to the power of Love and its transcendence above the mundane.


Stairway to Heaven

Yes, I know it’s the most obvious song but it suits this image so well: it’s a pathway on Machu Picchu in Peru, leading to the clouds, the spirits of this magnificent creation and memories of stone energies alive and thriving over the centuries.


Guardians of Time

My friend lives in the far north of New South Wales and regularly goes bushwalking. On her visit to the Giraween National Park, she took photos of some wonderful rock formations, and she’s given me permission to work on her rock photos.

When I look at rock formations, I see faces, energies, history and meaning. When we drove from Woodenbong, where we lived  in Northern New South Wales, down Mt Lindesay into Queensland, I’d look at the rock faces and see wise, ancient energies looking back at me.

I still feel very surprised when I say this as I was a very logical person in my younger days and the idea that, when I hit middle-aged, I would suddenly morph into a sort of rock whisperer would have had me in fits of hysterical laughter.

But there you are – I’m stuck with a connection to rocks which runs very deep and which carries messages and time travel history to me to interpret in my digital art. So the above is called Guardians of Time because these huge rocks, to me, seem to exert a benevolent, strong, protective energy across the ages. We humans are but passing whisps of energies compared to these rocks and we need to trust that they will be standing majestically as guardians of time across the eons long after humanity has passed into dust and thence into the realm of Spirit.

Original rock photo in Giraween National Park, northern New South Wales.

New Horizons

New Horizons

I created this from a photo a friend posted on Facebook of the Sayan Mountains which stretch across Asia.  I never quite know what I’m going to create, I just follow my intuition, pick an image which draws my attention, and then start fiddling around, this time with PicMonkey and Pixlr.

Honour and Respect Earth’s Guardian Elders

Honour Earth Guardian Elders

This image is to honour our mountains – the Earth Elder Guardians with their magnificence, spirit energies and role as high energy custodians of this wonderful Planet Earth of ours.

The image is composed of photos of four Earth Elder Spirits superimposed, one over the other.

The foundation image is of ancient rain forest at the base is an image of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) in northern New South Wales.  I have stood on the base of this mountain and its energies are warm and welcoming, imbuing a peace and reflective feeling of support from this wonderful mountain creation. It is sacred to the Bundjalung Aboriginal people who request that people not climb the mountain due to cultural beliefs but this is generally ignored. And no, I have not climbed it, nor would I out of respect for Aboriginal cultural beliefs and to honour a special place on earth that doesn’t need human feet on it to recognise its power and energies.

Above that is an image of Uluru, the great monolith at the centre of Australia, where Aboriginal people also request that people don’t climb their sacred it, but visitors still do. People often take small rocks from Uluru as a memento of their visit, and the centre is deluged with rocks being returned due to the bad luck people have encountered since stealing from this sacred area.

Above that is Mt Shasta in the US.  I don’t know the cultural beliefs of Native American people in relation to climbing this powerful and beautiful mountain.

And finally there’s an image of a mountain in Tibet at sunrise although I don’t know the name of the particular mountain. I do know that the sacred mountain of Kailesh, Tibet, is honoured by people walking circuits of the mountain and not by climbing. Climbing would be considered an act of serious sacrilege.

Although there is no image of it here, I think we all know Mt Everest and the disrespect with which it is treated by climbers who leave litter and human waste on this majestic mountain. Even after the April 2014 disaster when 16 Sherpa guides lost their lives, people demanded that climbing continue because they had paid so much money and completely disregarded the fact that so many local people had been killed.

I believe it is a great pity that so many people see mountains to be “conquered” rather than regarded with respect and esteem as sacred areas of our earth to be lived with in co-existence rather than egotistical domination. So, at the base of the photo are dark clouds which represent the disrespect with which mountain Guardian Elders are all too often regarded.

I have also included with this image one of the Full Moon, which will be happening this weekend, to work with Full Moon energies to release negative energies towards these Guardian Elders, to call for their respect, to remember and align with their sacred, powerful energies and to support connection with the planet as part of our spiritual walk with Mother Earth.