Honour the Earth/Honour the Water Protectors

I found the original image of bison on the move in Pixabay (where you can pick up free images) and it reminded me of the bison as part of our earth heritage and appearing at Standing Rock as the Water Protectors were standing up for clean waters. So it’s not just about honouring the earth, but also those who are standing up to protect the waters around the earth wherever action is needed.

As Above, So Below – Benediction for Planet Earth

I created this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep – decided to seize the opportunity to make creative use of my insomnia and create some art. Again, digital art with Toolwiz, image of hawk from Pixabay.  Having completed this, I climbed back into bed and went fast asleep – mission accomplished!

Remembering Nature

olive-tree-mountainsSomething different today: Today I happened to open a book called “Writing as a Sacred Path” by Jill Jepson, at the section on shamanism and our connection to nature. It prompted me to return to a simple photo of an olive tree trunk with the Besparmak Mountains in the background and do some fiddling with PicMonkey, the first ever photo editing programme I came across on-line.

The olive tree is just a trunk as it has died, but in front of it are fresh grasses to remind us that we are born onto a living planet and if we don’t take care of it, the planet will survive very well without us. Hopefully people’s action will preserve Mother Earth for future generations to enjoy as we are enjoying her support today.

Love Actually

grounding-loveHere’s another crystal mandala I created yesterday. I did create one late last week but felt it was really heavy – perhaps reflecting the fact we’ve been having a difficult time with unpleasant neighbours.

Anyway, yesterday I added a lovely pashmina which my step-daughter gave me – she bought it in Brick Lane, London, which is a multicultural centre so for me represents the gifts of friendship and love from various cultures which have enriched my life. At the back is a figurine which represents earth love for me. In the centre is my Tibetan singing bowl which represents the power of sound as a healing medium. Beside the figurine are two raw rose quartz rocks which carry the energies of love as a transformative power. Beside the bowl are two pieces of ochre for the creative power of the earth element. Either side of the bowl’s stick are a pair of Lake Superior tube agates, for the flow of earth energy in our bodies, and around the outside of the mandala are plain rocks which I’ve found while fossicking as well as a plain rock with a beautiful inlaid pattern which my daughter in Scotland gifted me.

Ordinary rocks to me are still part of Mother Earth’s wealth as well as reminding us that beauty can be found anywhere when you look with open eyes and forget superficial ideas of beauty. Right at the front is a whale fossilised ear bone, to remind us that we stand on the creations of the past as we create our own artistic offerings in the present and for future generations.

The uniting power is the gift of love which is transformative, supportive and the engine of the universe.

Portals of Mt Shasta

Portals of Mt Shasta

Believe it or not, a photo of Mt Shasta provided the basis for this photo.  Sometimes I look at a photo, it draws me in and then it’s as if the energies or spirits of that place guide me into a final image. In this, Mt Shasta, a sacred mountain in the United States, seemed to me to be offering images of the nature and stone spirits in this mountain with a view of different dimensions offering hope and vision, that we are not bound in this dimension but have threads of light spiralling out through the universe.

I’d also like to thank David, of  SmileCalm for allowing me to use photos he’s taken  in nature.  I am now facing mobility challenges as walking any distance has become quite difficult for me, and I do so appreciate those who can get out into nature allowing me to work with their images in my digital art.

Global HeartLove

Global HeartLove

I took a bit of a break after the Art Every Day in November challenge, which became slightly longer than I’d intended as I experienced a debilitating bout of sciatica out of the blue.  Luckily it’s cleared up pretty much, and also fairly quickly which is something to celebrate as I was pretty much crippled on Saturday.

Now to this piece of digital art.

Sometimes I have an idea in mind when I start creating digital art but in this instance I just followed instinct and intuition.  I started off with a photo of a glacier I found on the web. Then superimposed a photo I took of the Roman fish ponds at Lambousa, an ancient port about five minutes from where I live in Alsancak, on the north coast of North Cyprus.

I worked on this combined image with the gizmos on Pixlr and ended up with this image. The fish ponds with the Mediterranean in the background represent our link with history and the continuing evolution of Planet Earth. The Moon represents our emotional attachment to nature and life on earth. The black streaks on the right-hand corner represent the disruptive actions of huge corporations intent on short-term profit rather than the long-term global health of our planet.

The glacier represents the challenges of global warming, the lights rising represent the love in the hearts of people taking action to support measures to alleviate global warming, while the circle in the middle represents the global web of light which  connects us all here on Mother Earth and throughout the galaxy.

And “Love” in the bottom left-hand corner stands, of course, for the love so many of have for our wonderful planet.