Super Moon over North Cyprus

I just happened to look out the window this evening, around 6.30pm, to see this month’s Super Full Moon shining big and bright, much more brilliant than the last Super Moon that everyone banged on about. Here it was pathetic!  So here’s the lovely full moon shining down on our little island in the eastern Mediterranean and also another image with Pixlr overlays (just ‘cos I felt like having a bit of creative fun!).



Joy & Passion (AEDM142016)


A few days ago I took a photo of the moon, stuffed one photo up (sort of) so I just got the red edge of the moon but decided to keep that aura photo. So today I overlaid it with a photo I took of a ripe pomegranate in our communal garden. I decided it reminded me of joy and passion after the last punishing week, reminding us of the light inside which we need to nurture in order to thrive in the challenges facing us in present times.


MoonShadow – AEDM10

moonshadowI created this from a photo I took of the moon a couple of nights ago with clouds sending shadows over its surface. It was around 5am when I let the dogs into the garden. Called it Moonshadow as it reminded me of the song of the same name by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). #aedm2016

Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Serenade

I created this from a blank canvas copied from PicMonkey into Pixlr, then fiddled with various Pixlr gizmos to get the background canvas and then, finally, superimposed a photo of grasses I took by the sea at Lambousa, an ancient port close to where we live in North Cyprus.

It’s a tribute to the beauty of nature and the galaxy.

And here’s some lovely music to accompany the image.


StarStuffThis was created with an original photo I took on Monday morning early of the full moon just as the eclipse was starting.  I superimposed over it images of the galaxy and its glory of stars, and superimposed over that a photo of a waterfall taken by Ann who lives in the Rockies:  Republic of Ann.

I wound up with a photo of a Christmas cactus flower – the whole thing reminded me of how we are all made of /stardust/starstuff – people, animals, the earth, plants, rocks and so on.  And that reminded me of Joni Mitchell because I’ve just been reading a book of interviews between her and Malka Marom. Ms Mitchell is a highly creative woman who obviously doesn’t suffer fools gladly and sticks to her own high standards. So below are two versions of Woodstock, one accompanied by lovely spiritual graphics, the second being the original song as she sang it at Woodstock all those years ago.