Inner Journeys!

I have been sitting today totally under the weather with huge hay fever. I haven’t stopped sneezing, have a blocked nose and generally feel very much under the weather. I realised that the last time I can remember having such a lousy time with hay fever was when I was waiting for my parents to … More Inner Journeys!

Colours of Life

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, well, Perth, Western Australia, to be precise, I used to wear black all the time – black tops, black pants, black hair. I suffered from depression and I was fat, so I felt that wearing black made me look slimmer. Then I did a a Reiki … More Colours of Life

Love You – You’re the One You’re With

I’ve been struck recently by how many people seem to be so dissatisfied with themselves for not exercising enough/not being organised/not resting enough/doing too much/not knowing what they want out of life/not feeling quite right/being a bit depressed,  and so on. As I read recently, the human race finds it so hard to let go, … More Love You – You’re the One You’re With

Spiritual Healing – Art Every Day Month November 25

I thought I’d do something a bit different today for AEDM: some digital art and accompanying music. I’ve called this piece of digital art: Spiritual Healing, because it reminds me of swimming down into the depths of emotions, releasing that which holds us back from our essence, and opening to unconditional love which fuels our … More Spiritual Healing – Art Every Day Month November 25

Light in Leaves

A while back I took a photo of the maroon leaves on an amazingly prolific plant in our garden, fiddled with it and produced a nice image of blue leaves. . So today I felt drawn to return to the digital image and play with it further. I called the resulting piece: Light in Leaves … More Light in Leaves