>Some links to inspiring material – Barefoot Doctor


For some years I’ve been reading stuff by Barefoot Doctor ina British magazine I used to subscribe to. I’ve found his various articles inspiring and helpful.  I came across his material when I lived in the UK and bought one of his books at Manchester Airport to use up my last British currency. Good stuff.  So when I came across his website, I thought I’d post a link. I’ve just downloaded some of his meditations which are enormous fun and the whackiest meditations I’ve ever come across. But I enjoy them and they’re really motivational which is what counts. This is the link:

I did get a free download of information about planetary movements in 2011 which is free and really good value, but I’ve lost the link. When I track it down, I’ll post it here as the info is really useful and extremely good value. So watch this space – or rather the next space which hopefully will include a link.

>Sounds True – Great Ideas for Growth

>I’ve just come across a really useful site for downloads of all sorts of material for meditation, yoga, personal development and so on. It offers videos, downloads and books of various well-known writers and speakers and at present everything is 25% discounted.

For myself, I’ve just downloaded an MP3 of Sharon Salzburg on Loving Kindness, but there are heaps of other items which are making me drool at the lips. Budgetary constraints hold me back from going bonkers buying everything which attracts me, but I thought I’d just pop this short post in for anyone who’s interested in this sort of material.