Hidden Truths

This image is composed of three layers – the first is a photo of an iceberg; the second is a photo I took here in North Cyprus of mimosa leaves against a setting sun; and the final layer is a photo I took at a garden centre near here, Gardens of Babel,  of water lilies … More Hidden Truths

Homage to Spring

This digital art veered into a Homage to Spring after I started working on a photo I took of a fig tree coming into leaf at a restaurant where we celebrated the 37th anniversary on Wednesday of when my husband and I  met and fell in love at first sight.  The eatery was lovely, right … More Homage to Spring

Colours of Winter

I remember once in winter, when I was a kid and walking along the West Cliff promenade in Ramsgate, Kent, England,  I suddenly hated the season with its empty-leaved trees, its cold and its bleak outlook. It was a very intense feeling, so strong I’ve never forgotten it. Yet here in North Cyprus, many decades … More Colours of Winter

Light in Leaves

A while back I took a photo of the maroon leaves on an amazingly prolific plant in our garden, fiddled with it and produced a nice image of blue leaves. . So today I felt drawn to return to the digital image and play with it further. I called the resulting piece: Light in Leaves … More Light in Leaves