Joolz 3: My jewellery boards

When I arrived in North Cyprus from Australia in 2012, I had a hell of a time sorting out my jewellery once our luggage arrived (six months after being shipped from Australia, held up in Istanbul and only released after a bribe!).  So I finally decided to get some cork boards and hang my jewellery on them.  However, my collection has increased exponentially since I came across the crystal goodies my friend Dawn brings over from Istanbul, and this week I sorted them out into three boards: one for non-crystal jewellery, one for crystal jewellery and a third for earrings. Of course now my order of bling from Rose Wholesale has arrived I’ll have to do a bit of re-arranging. My husband shook his head when I was doing all this re-organising but I told him sweetly, don’t get between a Libran and her jewellery!

Joolz 2 – Bling, Lotsa Bling!

It was like Christmas had come again at our apartment a couple of days ago when a dress and costume jewellery I’d ordered turned up in two parcels. They’re from Rose Wholesale, an on-line business which I’ve found pretty good. Their products are cheap, but delivery time is up to a month so you need to plan ahead.  Anyway, as well as the dress (purple and white, fits like a dream!), I ordered some serious bling, and you’ll see these below:










I was also gifted a lovely purple and silver bracelet by a friend, just before she left North Cyprus to move to the Channel Islands. She also gave me a green pendant which needed sorting out, very twisted and all mixed up, but with a bit of patience I managed to get the whole thing sorted out. This necklace really pulls at me, it reminds me of ancient times for some reason and I really love it.


Joolz 1 – Crystal jewellery

I bought a really lovely crystal necklace with a druzy pendant recently, although I’m not quite sure what the crystals are.  They don’t feel like rose quartz, too cool, and I’m guessing they’re pink chalcedony. The necklace has a matching pair of earrings and I’ve just altered them – originally they had one pink crystal bead and three very small pink beads, but they were so small I kept losing them. So I added in a couple of bigger beads and now they’re much easier to find!

I also altered a pair of larimar earrings I seldom wear. They were on a triangular frame but never felt quite right. Then a couple of nights ago I had the idea of simply hanging them on a chain and they feel quite different, far more resonant with my own energies.

I also have two Larimar pendants which will go well with the earrings – one’s an oval and the other a heart. A friend here in North Cyprus has a lovely crystal jewellery stall at the local market, and gets a lot of different stones from Turkey where they are really quite cheap, and that’s where she found the two Larimar pendants I now caretake. I love Larimar, it’s a really soft, loving stone. I often think of chrysocolla as Aphridote’s power stone, while Larimar is her stone of love and nurturing. Aphrodite, by the way, is said to have emerged from the sea at the southern end of Cyprus where I live.

Here’s an acrylic painting I created of Aphrodite – it started taking shape when we lived in Victoria, Ausralia, then grew clearer when we lived on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and took final shape here in Cyprus after we’d moved here. Aphrodite was certainly calling me!

New Jewellery Creations

Been fiddling with some jewellery. My daughter in Rosehearty, N-E Scotland, gave me the dreamcatcher earrings in 1994 when we had a holiday in the UK. I bought the feather earrings a while back from Dawn Buyukertas who sells a wide range of crystal and other jewellery here in North Cyprus. But the feathers were too light to hang properly, so I added them to the dreamcatcher earrings along with some other beads.

The quartz pendant I created from a freebie small clear quartz point sent to me with my last crystal order. It’s small but it jumped in my hand when I held it, so I’ve added a silver wire holder and three Swarovski-type crystals for the crown, throat and heart chakras. My experience has been that you don’t need a large crystal for energy, any size crystal is fine as long as you’re drawn to it and it resonates for you.


Jewellery Fun & Games (aedm24)

jewellery-repairsWe had a rather prolonged power cut on 24th November, so I decided to take advantage of an internet-free few hours and repair some jewellery. The red pendant and earrings needed some new small stones so I added Swarovski flat-back crystals and rose quartz chips.

As for the other two, we went back to the UK in 1994 for a holiday after my husband’s father died and while visiting our daughter in north-east Scotland we came across a gorgeous little craft shop tucked away in the back streets of Fraserburgh. I bought two brooches because I liked the Celtic designs but have never worn them much as I’m not into brooches. So today I cut off the clips and added a hanger on each with silver wire so that I can wear them as pendants. Very satisfying, wish I’d thought of this before!I