Love – the Healing Fire of the Heart

I sat and worked on this on my Lenovo tablet this afternoon.  I had no idea how much you can create with apps on a tablet, like a whole new creative door has opened for me. My favourite app is Toolwiz, an amazing app with so many functions that I still keep finding new ways to create art with this app.

I’m also rather indebted to President Trump because the awfulness of him and the swamp around him is inspiring me to work on creating images of beauty and colour rather than the turgid grey and black of the billionaire bloodsuckers.

One more post to finalise and then I’m off to sit with my foster dog, Rolo, who – after seven months with us – is off to the UK early Thursday morning to his new family.  I shall miss him immensely but I’m so glad we were able to provide him with a holding space until a new family became available to offer him a loving home, complete with garden, cats (he loves our cat) and someone who works from home each day. So he’ll be a complete lap dog with company so he can loll around as he does here – he would have to be the most bone idle dog we’ve ever come across but so affectionate and good-natured.

The Sweetness of Life

These images – particularly the one of the honeyeater – reminded me of remembering the magic of how sweet life can be, despite all the ups, downs and challenges. Around us is the beauty of the natural world – flowers, birds, grasses, rivers, puddles of rain, and so on. And friends, lovers, partners – all offer us the possibilities of love, hugs and kind words.

Sanctuary Space – Work Desk (AEDM7)


Today I thought I’d post a pic of what I call “sanctuary space” on my work desk. I’m not keen on the term “altar” due to a rather unpleasant experience at a Catholic convent as a kid which is why I prefer the term “sanctuary”. The little Buddha I found in Coffs Harbour, mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and the angel and Isis figurines I found in an op/charity shop when I was living in south-east Queensland. The little “Friends” book was gifted to me on my return to Australia from the UK by friends I’d made while living in Nelson, Lancashire.

The little dish has peridot chips for lightness of heart and on top of them is a little black bumblebee which passed away in our garden, my husband found it and brought it in for me. They all remind me of the sweetness of life and friendship. The poster is of a sacred space in France – I found it in a library book years ago, have no idea where it is but i just love the image, speaks to me of the elven realms. #aedm2016

Haven of the Heart

Haven of the Heart

This piece of digital art changed dramatically as I was toward the end of working with it.  I was sharpening the image when I decided to fiddle with colours, switching from a deep blue to the rather serene green and turquoise colours of the final image. I liked the idea of it representing the haven our heart offers us from the time we’re born – to love ourselves, to be confident in who we are, to be able to offer love to others as part of the human community, to offer us succour when we are wounded or grieving, and to heal us on our life’s journey as and when healing is needed.





That whore you sneer at

as she stands thin and tired at the roadside,

that addict shooting up in

a squalid alley or rancid room

Was raped as a kid by daddy/step-daddy/family friend/priest

beaten by their


Given a fix by their mother at twelve years of age.


Lives on the streets because they have a mental illness

Can be child/girl/woman/boy/man who

Hasn’t known love as the system moves him/her

from house to house/boarding house/.


Don’t say “home”.

Because home means love and to the

raped/abused/paedophile victim/loveless person/

mentally ill person

each house of refuge/shelter/rooming house is not a home:


Only the smack/crack/ice

is the Lover, the one who whispers in your ear aching for love, for hugs:

I will provide the oblivion from a world

which has scraped you raw,

left you bleeding from your heart,

Turns its back.

Because you are The Shadow:

What we all could be.

So walk a mile in their shoes.

Then show them your heart:

Respect!  Respect!  Respect!

Open Heart

Open Heart


We come into this life dancing

with love in our hearts, joyfulness, curiosity, laughing gleefully,

playing in mud and glitter.

And then society

teaches you

to love possessions/things

And to turn away from the humanity shadowing

your doorstep:

the less fortunate, the poor, the homeless sitting

on the streets and begging.

Begging!  How awful to spoil our nice, neat, tidy streets

with the reminder that not all of us have things

like house and possessions.

But all of us possess hearts, the power of love

and the knowledge that

hey, babe, you’re only a

whisker away from your seat on the street.

Lose your job/make a mistake/miss your mortgage payment/

damage your car and can’t afford the repair to get to

a low-paid, slave-conditions job/

bounce a cheque due to bank fees and the bank

will charge you for that bounced cheque

and send you into penury.

Look at that guy/gal on the street begging.

Open your eyes to their humanity.

Unzip your heart, know that people not possessions are the real

wealth of our world.

Give them a dollar or more, or a coffee, or a meal, or clothes, or

yourself offering help,

Because there –

but for the grace of God –

goes you.

Be humble. Show love. Be generous.

Open your heart and shine your soul!