For this piece of digital art I used a photo taken by, Ann, of a lady who lives in the Rockies.  She had a series of photos of frozen ice which I found awesome given we don’t get much ice or snow in my neck of the woods here in North Cyprus. Ann’s blog is: … More Reflections

Love You – You’re the One You’re With

I’ve been struck recently by how many people seem to be so dissatisfied with themselves for not exercising enough/not being organised/not resting enough/doing too much/not knowing what they want out of life/not feeling quite right/being a bit depressed,  and so on. As I read recently, the human race finds it so hard to let go, … More Love You – You’re the One You’re With

Spirit of Lavender

I came across a rather lovely lavender bush yesterday, and this photo is composed of various layers of the photograph I took of the bush, plus some playing around with PicMonkey gizmos.  I called this digital art “Spirit of Lavender” because it invokes the devic energies which surround this beautiful, healing plant.

Headaches & Healing

Early Saturday morning I woke with a lousy migraine, the worst one I’ve had since moving to North Cyprus.  In fact, I’ve had a few mild headaches but nothing like the brass-band-marching-around-your-head kind I had on Saturday.  Luckily it didn’t rank with some of the doozies I used to get in my younger days when … More Headaches & Healing

Wild at Heart

After my cranky start today, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I suddenly decided that I really was fed up to the eyeballs with my painful hip and that the time had come to start moving a heck of a lot more to work on alleviating the pain.  I tend to get absorbed with … More Wild at Heart