To the Stars (AEDM9)


I couldn’t post yesterday as we had a power cut, but today I did an image for healing of grief – I have lost two good friends in the past couple of months, one to a massive heart attack at 58 and another to breast cancer at 64. A distant family member has also died in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve had severe back pain which I feel is a physical response to grief and the close dances with death in recent times. I realised from someone’s comment yesterday that I’ve really been bottling up my grief as these deaths have hit me very hard, on top of which is real depression at the US election results. So this image is a step towards healing from sadness and grief, a very emotional step for me. I called it “To the Stars” although I’m not quite sure why but it felt right.#aedm2016



For this piece of digital art I used a photo taken by, Ann, of a lady who lives in the Rockies.  She had a series of photos of frozen ice which I found awesome given we don’t get much ice or snow in my neck of the woods here in North Cyprus.

Ann’s blog is: The Republic of Ann – Despatches from the Rockies.

I worked with one of Ann’s photos which was taken  at an icy cliff along NC SR 215 south of Beech Gap (which, to be very truthful, means nothing to me but it might to others who are familiar with the area). I wanted to give life to the idea that, when we feel frozen inside, if we can summon up our courage to do inner work, we can melt the ice, free ourselves up and move forward with our lives.

The light at the left reflects letting insight into our inner understanding, while – if you look closely – you can see a figure rising top right, which represents the release of our inner wisdom and insight. This may well take a long time, often it’s not an overnight process, and it may involve working with and getting support from others. But I know in my own experience that if you can work through the inner gremlins and release them to cyber-space, you feel a whole lot healthier and more powerful.

Thank you, Ann, for allowing me to use your photos. I think it must be wonderful to live in such a beautiful, magickal part of Mother Earth.

Rest & Recuperation – Another kidney infection

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia at the end of last week complete with the Glums which is where you wake up feeling like you’re at the bottom of a dark pit with no way out. The only way out of this is sit back, relax, tell yourself “This too will pass” and eventually you wake up one day wondering why the hell you felt such darkness and despair. Experience helps weather these storms!

However, I’ve ended up with another kidney infection which I’m treating with antibiotic, home-made lemon barley water, various supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I’ve decided this is a wake-up call to take far better care of myself and have a complete break and rest for the rest of the week, at least until Friday.

Thanks for your patience and, hopefully, understanding.  Back in due course – ciao, hasta la vista!


Love You – You’re the One You’re With


I’ve been struck recently by how many people seem to be so dissatisfied with themselves for not exercising enough/not being organised/not resting enough/doing too much/not knowing what they want out of life/not feeling quite right/being a bit depressed,  and so on.

As I read recently, the human race finds it so hard to let go, to be yourself, to simply accept ourselves as we are. We always have to be a do-it-yourself-improvement-project. And just think – a cedar tree just grows, enjoys being a cedar tree and doesn’t get its knickers in a twist about whether it needs to be better, even better or best. It just is.

So just for today, I’d like to suggest that you let go, do what you really want to do, or just rest, listen to music, veg out, cook or whatever takes your fancy. And as you do so, enjoy yourself. There is no competition, just be with yourself, to nurture, spoil, treat politely,and to LOVE yourself. Remember: you really are okay just the way you are!

And if you fancy it, you can stand with your legs apart, spread your arms out to sweep in love from the universe, then sweep it into yourself as you cross your arms and give yourself a heaping great dose of self-love!

I was going to include the video “Love the One You’re With” with Crosby, Stills & Nash, but all I could find were concert versions which I wasn’t very impressed with. So in the end I decided on Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”!



Spirit of Lavender

I came across a rather lovely lavender bush yesterday, and this photo is composed of various layers of the photograph I took of the bush, plus some playing around with PicMonkey gizmos.  I called this digital art “Spirit of Lavender” because it invokes the devic energies which surround this beautiful, healing plant.

Spirit of Lavender
Spirit of Lavender

Headaches & Healing

Early Saturday morning I woke with a lousy migraine, the worst one I’ve had since moving to North Cyprus.  In fact, I’ve had a few mild headaches but nothing like the brass-band-marching-around-your-head kind I had on Saturday.  Luckily it didn’t rank with some of the doozies I used to get in my younger days when I’d be vomiting too, no upchucking this time, thank goodness.  But it was enough to stop me sleeping until the pain abated somewhat so I didn’t wake until 11.15.  I should have realised what was happening as I’d been feeling pretty woozy on Friday, a sure sign a headache is on the way, but it’s been so long since I got ambushed by one of these migraines, I simply didn’t realise what was happening.

It did make me reassess what has been going on in my life as these migraines are a sign I’m under pressure. So I realised I was the one putting pressure on myself in relation to work on and publishing of my blogs. Lighten up, Mo!  I don’t do well with pressure, I sort of grind to a halt and freeze up. So I’ve re-arranged my days – I shall be posting my book blog twice a week and my art blog will be every other day unless I’m struck with inspiration on an in-between day.  I also need to spend less time on the computer and pay more attention to my own health – fitness, movement, activity – so I’ve installed a dinky little, bright yellow clock on my work desk and intend to do some sort of movement on the hour, every hour.

However, I still felt like creating some art yesterday when I was feeling slightly better, so I created two pieces – one which represents how I feel when I’m sick with a headache and one to represent the healing process.  This, of course, is paying homage to the old saying: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”!



Migraine 1


Wild at Heart

After my cranky start today, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I suddenly decided that I really was fed up to the eyeballs with my painful hip and that the time had come to start moving a heck of a lot more to work on alleviating the pain.  I tend to get absorbed with creating art or writing and forgetting to move my body.

So, feeling inspired, I suddenly decided to do some knee-bends (holding onto the kitchen counter, I’m not completely batty!) and – to my surprise – I managed some fairly deep bends. My bum yelled “Hi” to me knees as it sank past them and they yelled “G’day” back, both in a tone of surprise because I can’t remember if I’ve EVER done knee-bends. And then my husband said, smart-arse that he is: “That’s not a very deep knee-bend” so I thought “I’ll show you” and promptly did even deeper knee-bends.  it was a hell of a surprise that I could so so much and so far, so good, no side-effects.

Inspired by this burst of action and a need my body is expressing to keep moving, I’ve also been for a walk and done the exercises prescribed by the physio treating me since the dogs tripped me up and I had a close encounter with the very hard floor of the patio. It’s rock hard I’ve discovered and I tend to bounce a bit when I fall until I like there with the breath knocked out of me. On the positive side, after five falls (three courtesy of the dogs tripping me up) there are no broken bones so I guess I don’t have osteoporosis which is always heartening at 66.

So these are the two digital art pieces I created after my earlier post, reflecting the lift in my spirits after my grumpy start to the day, plus a poster for myself which I’ll run off to inspire me to dance, move, walk and generally get my arse into gear! The poster uses images I’ve collected from the internet so it’s not one I’ll be posting for sale in on-line art galleries as my rule is to use only images I’ve created for myself.

Wild at Heart
Wild at Heart
Dance & Move
Dance & Move