Remembering the Grenfell Towers Disaster

In honour of the victims, survivors, heroic emergency services and those who came to offer aid and support in the aftermath of the tragic Grenfell Towers disaster in London.

“It is in the shelter of each other that people live.”

Forever Young: For the Victims of Manchester and All Young People Whose Lives Have Been Cut Short by Warfare

This is a bit belated due to a bad fall I had at home (not my fault, slipped on a puppy puddle on our  marble floor, it’s like a skating rink). Am picking up now and catching up with posting artwork I created while not very mobile.

The art and music speak for themselves.

On Grief and Love

For Grief and LoveIn the halls of pain and sorrow

as unexpected loss explodes grief that

courses through your veins and arteries

and mind and heart and soul,

know that the great, winged Beings of Light

stoop over you to comfort you with soft love

and kind, murmured words.

For they have held your Loved One on the

journey to the Light,

they have nurtured their transition from this life

to the next part of the soul’s journey.

And as they held those you have lost so they remind

you that you too are filled with Light

as those in Spirit are now, released from mortal ties but

flying among the stars.

Your  heart and soul fly with the Star Stuff of those

you held and still hold dear

who now live on in ethereal splendour and flight,

dancing in the great winds of song that steep the galactic fields.

As they are loved, so are you loved.

As they remember those they have left in earthly clothes

so you too remember them as star stuff spirals through your being to remind you:

grieve but know that love is all, and as you love so you fill the worlds beyond worlds

with the power of your heart, your soul and your spirit.


The evening of my last post, when I had intense pain in my right hip, I happened to start talking to my husband about the posts  I’m writing on my book as blog ( in relation to weight issues and my mother’s death from lung cancer.  I really don’t think I’ve talked about her death too much, it’s been very painful, but I realised it was why the sciatica had suddenly flared up.  I talked to my husband for a while about Mum’s death and issues around it and then woke up the next day with the hip pain much alleviated.  Isn’t it amazing how our bodies reflect emotional issues?

Anyway, having done some drafts of the posts I want to publish a bit later on my other blog, here’s a piece of my digital art which I’ll dedicate to my Mum, Vera. She was a lovely lady, kind, loving, classy, always smart and well-dressed, great sense of humour, and she was well-loved by all who knew her.

Memories is the name of the art, Memory is the name of the video, from CATS, sung by Barbra Streisand, also Forever Autumn, by Justine Hayward, from the Album War of the Worlds: