Open Heart

OPEN HEART We come into this life dancing with love in our hearts, joyfulness, curiosity, laughing gleefully, playing in mud and glitter. And then society teaches you to love possessions/things And to turn away from the humanity shadowing your doorstep: the less fortunate, the poor, the homeless sitting on the streets and begging. Begging!  How … More Open Heart

Sweet Dreams

I’ve been having fun with a new plug-in I’ve installed from Topaz. What I generally do is wait until one of their plug-ins I’d like to use is on special and then I buy it because it’s affordable for my budget. So this time I’ve got a plug-in which helps bring out details in your … More Sweet Dreams

Amazing Grace

I found a canvas I’d created a while back of a sky scene and added over it an image of a pale purple/pink geranium flower, an image from the “Water” gizmo on PicMonkey and then another layer of butterflies. Looking at this photo reminded me of the loving song “Amazing Grace” and also how grace … More Amazing Grace