Hope   Old spirit, in and beyond me, keep and extend me. Amid strangers, friends, great trees and big seas breaking, let love move me. Let me hear the whole music, see clear, reach deep. Open me to find due words, that I may shape them to ploughshares of my own making. After such luck, … More Hope

Kindness Among Us

This started out quite differently – a quite bright blue – but along the way it softened until this final image emerged. I looked at it and felt it represented the grace of kindness among us as I’ve seen a couple of examples of kindness from strangers in the past couple of days. One image … More Kindness Among Us

Free Speech: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

I’ve been thinking for some time about free speech and political correctness.  The latter, it seems to me, is simply a matter of courtesy: you can no longer with impunity make comments that are offensive to women, people with disability, LGBT people, people of colour, people of different religions. You cannot, these days, go around … More Free Speech: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Sacred Sanctuary Space

My friend, Dawn, who sells crystals in North Cyprus, brought back a rare, new stone from her recent trip to Istanbul.  It’s called Zultanite, I’ve been wearing it over my thymus centre and found it has encouraged focus, creativity, calmness, spiritual centring and self-care. Zultanite is so rare it is only found in Anatolia, Turkey.The … More Sacred Sanctuary Space

Web of Light

This image is based on a photo a friend took of an amazing mass of cobwebs, then layered onto various images of cobwebs I created with Pixlr gizmos. Again – the web of light links all of us and perhaps this is an era when we can start repairing the broken threads between us all … More Web of Light

Love of the People

Jesus was a bit of a lad, you know. Liked the poor, loved kids, kicked the crap out of moneylenders, told the truth, hobnobbed with prostitutes, fed to five thousand people fishes and loaves (ever thought that without the “a” loaves becomes “loves”?) and never asked if anyone was on food stamps, slept rough, had … More Love of the People