Spring is Sprung

Here’s a little ditty for Spring: Spring is sprung The grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies iz! I wandered around our garden and parking area today and got the following photos, showing that Spring is popping its lovely head up as it’s now quite mild here in North Cyprus, thank goodness.

Sacred Garden

I created this image from a photo of the garden at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK. In a past life workshop years ago I had a vision of life as a monk tending the gardens in Glastonbury, England. The photo of the gardens brought back that memory for me.    

Playing with Passion

Okay, relax because this is not an x-rated post!  I have been playing with a photo of our first passion-flower on the vine we bought three weeks ago. We have a bare concrete path running to our small shed that runs along the fence between our apartment and the paddock next door. So we decided … More Playing with Passion

Spring Garden

Our garden is looking great this year, so I’ve taken some photos to share. All of our flower beds are fenced in, by the way, to stop our four rescue puppies either a) digging holes or b) eating the flowers and shrubs! Here in North Cyprus it’s a very dry climate so gardens tend to … More Spring Garden

Orange Joy

More on the gazania front – I used as a base a canvas I created a while back when I liked one of the images that came up when I was editing another photo. I superimposed the photo I took today of the orange gazania in our garden so here’s some more orange for joy, … More Orange Joy