Flying High

Still on the Standing Stones of Callenish, this image relates to the energies of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. I find I’m adding water more to artwork these days, in recognition of climate change and the rising power of the water element in Mother Nature.

Again I’m indebted to Dina, for her kind permission to use the images of the Standing Stones of Callenish in photos she took during a visit to the Orkneys. Her blog and messages from the wonderful Bookfayries can be found at: The World According to Dina. 

Nasty Woman

I finally managed to track down a very nice, ergonomically designed office chair late yesterday, which was delivered at lunchtime, so back in business. Sort of. Because we had a 14-hour power cut, just in  our area of Alsancak, so nothing could be done internet-wise.

When I finally managed to get back on-line, I decided to go with a piece of acrylic art I created when I was living in Victoria, Australia. The body was composed of tiny, tumbled stones, it had a black feather hanging on the right for the flight of power and a clear quartz point hanging on the left for clarity of purpose and vision.

I was like a woman possessed creating this, I felt quite driven. Turned out she came into being at the beginning of a week when temperatures rocketed to 47C and on the Saturday huge bush fires swept through parts of Victoria, including close to wear I lived at the time. Close to 200 people died in the fires. It was a huge painting and eventually I gave it to a woman who said how much she loved it at a psychic fair where I was displaying various art pieces. She had no money so I gifted it to her as we were leaving Australia for North Cyprus and the Raging Lady couldn’t be fitted into our luggage.

The recipient said she was going to hang it in her bedroom which I thought was somewhat odd, she certainly wouldn’t send me to sleep or, if she did, she’d create nightmares. Anyway, she popped into my mind today and I simply couldn’t resist adding “Nasty Woman” as she really looked quite nightmarish in the original art piece and I would love to see her fronting up to Donald Trump



Be Brave, Bodacious, Brilliant, Brazen, Bold – Be You!

Passion 1

This post was inspired by reading an interview with a woman who left her husband when she was 40’ish because she wanted to follow a spiritual path and, according to the interview, she said he didn’t.  Now you might say, good on her, and yes, follow your own path by all means.

But I’m rather interested in this whole idea of spirituality.  Because her husband is a world-famous musician who has created music over many decades which has thrilled millions of music lovers around the world. Isn’t that being spiritual – following your calling?

I’m fascinated by crystals, Reiki, digital art, healing and Tarot. At one time I rather quite fancied the idea of being dressed in white, drifting around and looking spiritual and quiet and self-contained (a bit like the aspirations of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love), but the truth is I talk. I communicate. I write. And while I like my quiet moments and am happy to be on my own, I am mouthy and gregarious.

On the other hand, my husband loved being a dogman on high-rise buildings, is a great gardener and has a real magnetism for animals.

We are very different but I happen to think that the way we live is spiritual because we are embracing what we’re meant to be.  In astrology, I have nine air signs which means I definitely am an airhead.  I also have Neptune right next to my Ascendant, Libra, and my sun, Libra, which also means I’m off the planet, love psychic matters, can tune into people and feel their emotions, and I’m hugely sensitive.

My husband, on the other hand, has nine fire signs and his idea of purgatory would be to sit in front of a computer all day. He has to be active, on the go, planting flowers, digging, walking, living up to all his fire signs. But he’s honest, kind to strangers and animals, he helps people whenever he can, because he’s a Leo and they’re a generous, loyal, warm-hearted and passionate.

And that’s why I think being spiritual is being true to yourself.  If you’re born to create music, go be a musician. Think of Eric Clapton (not the musician in my comment above, by the way) who knew early on his ‘teens that he was meant to be a musician.  If you love cooking, then cook, and you don’t have to be a Jamie Oliver, you can just enjoy pottering in your kitchen. If you love looking after kids, do that. If being at home makes you happy, stay at home. If you want to work, then work (but for god’s sake do something that keeps you happy and healthy). If you don’t like crowds, feel free to avoid them without any guilt. If you’re a nerd, enjoy being a nerd. Do what makes your heart and soul sing because that, to me, is being spiritual – living who you’re meant to be, not someone else’s ideal of what makes a spiritual life.

I’ll wind up by saying I really loathe that word that is flung around so much these days: “Awesome”. Everything’s “awesome” or you have to be “awesome” or a child is “awesome” or whatever.  No, you don’t have to be awesome. You can be fearless by being plain old ordinary you (because that’s what most of us are) and enjoy your life because you’re happy as you are. Don’t buy into the whole shtick of being dissatisfied with your self,  just get on doing what makes you happy.

Be happy.

Embrace love.

Do what you love.

Spend time with your kids.

Embrace your loved one.

Spread kisses far and wide.


Because that’s what makes the world go round from day to day!

Spiritual people say - f - word

Fire Element

Well, I got all fired up (if you’ll excuse the pun, ahem) with the Fire Element, and ended up with three images. I couldn’t make my mind up so I decided to post all three.

Fire relates to passion, energy, creativity, action, warmth, will power, drive and motion. However, Fire can also be destructive if it is allowed to rage out of control within you, and is not tempered with patience and self-control.  Fire in some circumstances may look destructive, as in bush fires in Australia, but those same fires also act as regenerative energies. How one interacts with fire is each person’s individual choice and pathway –  creation or destruction. A balance can take one on a passionate path filled with purpose and a powerful heart energy.

We also need to remember that we live with the fire of the sun and its life-giving energies. As well, we dance in our souls and spirits with the fires and songs of all creations in the galaxy and, in our daily life, we can sing them down to earth to incorporate them into our hearts and souls and bring them to creative life at our planetary level.

Fire element 1
This image reflects our connections with energies beyond our own planetary limits which we can use to energise our creative abilities and passion for life – however we are drawn to live that life.
Fire Element 2
This image relates particularly to the galaxy and the fires of stars billions of light years away which still reach our planet and remind us that we are limitless in our abilities and creative fires.
Fire element
This is another version of Image No. 1 but with more emphasis on fire and its role in living a heartfelt life.


Fire of Passion

This is another piece of digital art created from another photo of my carnelian necklace.  I worked differently with this – working briefly in Photoshop with the “liquify” gizmo to balance out the photo and blur the individual stones. Then I switched to PicMonkey, BeFunky and Pixlr, stuffing around with all their gizmos until this final image emerged: The Fire of Passion. We all know what it’s like when we’re passionate about something – we are fired up, energised, burning to create or act. And that’s what this digital art is about!

Fire of Passion
Fire of Passion
Carnelian Necklace 1
Carnelian Necklace


The Sun Tree

Since I moved to North Cyprus I’ve been fascinated by olive trees.  Their grey, gnarled twisted trunks look ancient and sturdy, and I love their grey-green foliage. To me they’re the bearers of life: wood for fires; olive oil for cooking; olives for eating.  So I decided that the olive was the tree of the sun because it thrives in hot, dry conditions and provides warmth, light and nourishment for us human beings.Olive Life