Soul Journeying

Images of the soul’s journey at the material and spiritual level, the dots representing experiences and learning, the crow journeying to the sacred spaces, and the feathers representing the ability to fly to new heights as we accumulate experience, knowledge & wisdom.

Dream Talking

Well, no, I’m not exactly talking in dreams but the last one I had was very simple and very clear and was about communication: I was in my home watching as a phone landline was being installed to my house. A bit ironic in one way because landlines in North Cyprus are as rare as … More Dream Talking


This is my collection of feathers which I’ve gathered over the years, all of them in Australia. They are crow, rainbow lorikeet, pigeon, dove, kookaburra, pheasant coucal and barn owl.  I use them in ritual and ceremony as they have a strong connection with the air element.