I’ve lost count of the number of makeovers I’ve seen where a pretty, individual-looking woman has been turned into a bland, blonde lookalike no different to every other blonde model trotted out as something we’re supposed to aspire to. The last example was a gorgeous looking woman with black hair in plaits who emerged from … More

Cracked: Heart Healing

Yesterday I read a deeply emotional letter from an Australian man to the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, in relation to the Safe Schools programme run by the Federal government. The programme, for those of you overseas who don’t know its contents, is designed to address issues around bullying in general but also homophobic … More Cracked: Heart Healing

Open Heart

OPEN HEART We come into this life dancing with love in our hearts, joyfulness, curiosity, laughing gleefully, playing in mud and glitter. And then society teaches you to love possessions/things And to turn away from the humanity shadowing your doorstep: the less fortunate, the poor, the homeless sitting on the streets and begging. Begging!  How … More Open Heart


I created this piece of digital art by playing with PicMonkey and BeFunky, just fiddling with the gizmos both these sites offer to see what would turn up.  I finally ended up with this image which is lovely and bright, which is why I’ve called it Optimism.  It’s dedicated to all my blogging friends who’ve … More Optimism


I was going through my photo files yesterday and came across a digital art piece I’d mis-filed called “Forgiveness”.  It really didn’t look quite finished so I moved it to my digital art folder and worked on it today. I found it interesting that I re-discovered this painting as I’ve had a very interesting experience … More Forgiveness